Students collaborate with faculty on summer research

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At Colgate University, faculty teach all classes. The advantage of that for students becomes clear when it comes to research. Faculty in all departments and programs closely engage students in research projects – sometimes as early as sophomore year.

This summer, more than 100 undergraduates returned to Colgate to work one-on-one with faculty mentors on scholarly projects in all disciplines.

For example, Lillian Laiks ’15, Jenny Panger ’15 and Lauren Kasparson ’15 spent their summer studying OCD by analyzing behavior in rats. They worked closely with Professor Deb Kreiss, visiting assistant professor of psychology in her lab.

On the suggestion of professor of religion Georgia Frank, Nathan Lynch ’14 focused on religious diversity in Utica, NY.

A couple of research projects on student drinking were led by Julia Martinez, assistant professor of psychology. One study  called “Drinking in the College Age Population: A Public Health Problem.” was conducted by Kristina Bodnar ’14. Another study “How Is Facebook Used by College Students to Reinforce Drinking?” was conducted by Malin Lilley ’15.

Researchers and faculty gathered in the Ho Science Center for a presentation on the results of all the sciences-based summer research projects (pictured below).

“Students appreciate the opportunity to show off their work,” said Roger Rowlett, professor of chemistry, and one of the faculty members involved in both summer research and the event.

Poster Presentation

A wide range of presentations about summer research projects were available at an event at Ho Science Center. (Photo by Andy Daddio)

Summer-time pursuits begin with a proposal, prepared with a faculty mentor. The goal is to get the results of the studies presented at professional meetings or publication in journals, with undergraduates as co-authors, performers, and exhibitors. If you are interested in a proposal for a research project, either next summer of this semester, please click here.