• portraits of Wanda Warren Berry (left) and Marilyn Thie (right)
    During a two-day symposium honoring professors emeritae Wanda Warren Berry and Marilyn Thie, alumnae displayed class notebooks from the 1980s and shed tears while recounting the impact of these teachers’ mentorship on their lives. Titled “Women and Religion, Philosophy and Feminism,” the event was held April 11­­–12. While at Colgate, the professors helped develop a […]
    May 10, 2018
  • Alec Hufford '18 in Case-Geyer
    Religious faith is often described as a personal journey. Throughout life, people drift toward and away from religion, its importance waxing and waning with changing values, life events, and self-knowledge. For Alec Hufford ’17, the journey of faith has been more literal. A religion major and Jewish studies minor, he has traveled the globe, studying […]
    April 27, 2018
  • Portrait of Tracey Hucks ’87, MA’90
    I am writing to announce that Tracey Hucks ’87, MA’90 has been named Provost and Dean of the Faculty. She will return to her alma mater and take up her duties on July 1. Tracey is currently the James D. Vail III Professor at Davidson College and a nationally regarded scholar of American religious history […]
    May 25, 2017
  • Vassar professor Nicholas Adams delivers lecture at podium in the Chapel House Sanctuary
    Colgate’s Chapel House is at once an architectural novelty and a sanctuary. Beneath the flat roof, behind the 1950s abstracted formalism, you’ll see rare works of religious art and books on world religion; you’ll find a dining room, music room, and living quarters. In silence and meditation, you can lose yourself or find yourself at […]
    November 9, 2016
  • Julia Queller
    Julia Queller ’16, from Westfield, N.J., interned last summer for OnFaith, an online publication that shares stories by members of different faith communities. For the alumni magazine she shared questions a religion major commonly receives, and their answers.
    February 15, 2016
  • Lauren Casella '15 at MoMA, where she is interning for the summer
    Editor’s note: This blog post is the first in a series written by students about their summer experiences. Last week, I started my internship in New York City, working for the marketing department at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Housing collections of architecture, design, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and film, MoMA is regarded as […]
    June 8, 2015