Prof. Hauser Discusses New Book on Late Night with Seth Meyers

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When Assistant Professor of English CJ Hauser used her new-faculty start-up grant from Colgate University to study scientists at work in Texas, little did she know that she’d be discussing the results with Seth Meyers on Late Night.

Hauser appeared on last night’s episode to talk about her novel Family of Origin — the reason for her Texas trip. “I went to find out what actual scientists looked like and did,” she told Meyers.

The host and comedian discovered Hauser in the pages of the Paris Review this summer. Their conversation touched not only on her craft but also her approach to teaching — particularly Hauser’s use of the chicken totem to establish a writing zone wherever she (or her students) might be.

Read an essay on Hauser’s research trip and an excerpt from Family of Origin in Colgate Research.