Colgate in Focus program welcomes high achievers

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Despite excelling in the classroom, some high school students might face significant obstacles when pursuing higher education.

The three-day Colgate in Focus program supports these high achievers by recognizing their whole story and providing resources to help close gaps in educational access.

“This is a way to recognize where students come from and that their identities can pose specific challenges that are unique in their college process,” said Jamiere Abney, senior assistant dean of admission and coordinator of outreach for opportunity and inclusion. “High school students get to be a part of our community for a couple of days and meet with students, staff, and faculty while having opportunities to learn about the resources that exist here.”

For high schoolers like Alyvia Gonzales from Colorado, the Colgate in Focus program offers the opportunity to experience student life at a liberal arts institution first-hand.

“It’s very important to me to experience the culture before I apply,” said Gonzales. “I know I will get a great education wherever I apply, but I am more focused on the happiness of the students. This program gave me the opportunity to really see Colgate and dive into the campus from an honest student perspective.”

Nebraska native Christina Mantsorov explained that, as a child of immigrants, she often felt out of place in her hometown. Colgate in Focus, said Mantsorov, allowed her to feel a strong sense of community.

“Knowing there is a place that is always moving forward and is working hard towards cohesion between different communities and groups is comforting,” said Mantsorov.

Almost 60 students participated in this in-depth look into life at Colgate. Programming from the Office of Admission included a welcome dinner, featuring remarks by President Brian W. Casey and Tracey Hucks ’87 MA’90, provost and dean of the faculty; various panels discussing study abroad opportunities, student life, and wellness and development opportunities; and class visits with current student hosts.

At the event’s closing luncheon, Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid Gary Ross ’77 gave a final farewell to the departing high schoolers.

“Our expectations were so high when we saw your applications and when we saw what you have been doing in your classroom and in your communities,” Ross said. “You turned out to be even better than your applications.”