13 undergraduate summer research projects at Colgate

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Research happens all year-round at Colgate. (Photo by Andy Daddio)

Research happens all year-round at Colgate. (Photo by Andy Daddio)

In celebrating the Year of ‘13, we are posting a story or list that pertains to our lucky number on the 13th of each month. This month, we’ve compiled a list of summer research projects. There are more than 100 students on campus conducting research, including some who just finished their first year at Colgate, so this is only a small sampling of the academic work happening right now on campus. (See a complete list.)

1) Faith Benson ‘14, international relations major, is working with Bruce Rutherford, associate professor of political science.
Project: The Effect on Gender Roles in Human Trafficking in the Middle East

2) Joshua Hair ‘14, geography, is working with Peter Scull, associate professor of geography.
Project: Church Forests in Ethiopia: A Land Cover Change Analysis Using Historical Aerial Photography

3) Hailey Elder ’16, undeclared, is working with Tim McCay, associate professor of biology and environmental studies.
Project: Exotic Earthworm Distribution and Effects on Biodiversity in Central New York

4) Christopher Ju ’15, psychology, is working with Julia Martinez, assistant professor of psychology.
Project: Self-Reported Drinking Experiences and Social Desirability Bias

5) Hannah Bjornson ’15, art and art history, is working with Padma Kaimal, professor of art and art history and Asian studies.
Project: Many Paths to the Divine: Dynamics of Vision in a Hindu Temple

6) Yuxin Huang ’16, computer science and economics, is working with Vijay Ramachandran, associate professor of computer science.
Project: An Experimental Approach to Analysis of Probing Algorithms for Network-Performance Measurement using Randomized Probability

7) Rosalind Kumar ’14, English, is working with Margaret Maurer, William Henry Crawshaw professor of English.
Project: The Effects of British Travel to India in Shakespeare and the Indian Response

8) Danielle Bynoe ’14, neuroscience, is working with Jason Meyers, associate professor of biology.
Project: Understand the Mechanisms That Lead Differentiated Cells to Behave in a Stem-Cell Like Manner in Zebrafish

9) Ayman Khondker ’15, economics, is working with Matthew Jaremski, assistant professor of economics.
Project: The Growth of Checking Accounts in U.S. Commercial Banks

10) Sara Ebner ’14, political science and sociology and anthropology, is working with Rhonda Levine, professor of sociology.
Project: Interracial Interaction on Public Transportation in Post-Apartheid Cape Town, South Africa

11) Kara Vadman ’14, geology, is working with Amy Leventer, professor of geology.
Project: Marine Sedimentary Record for the Perseverance Drift, Antarctic Peninsula

12) Alan Kim ’15, biology, and Joshua Goldstein ’16, undeclared, are working with Doug Guarnieri, visiting assistant professor of biology.
Project: Analysis of Stress Using Genomics and Gene Expression

13) Juliane Wiese ’15, philosophy, is working with Claire Baldwin, associate professor of German.
Project: An Examination of the Literary and Historical Public Discourse Regarding German Reunification and Identity From 1989 to Present