Hello, Colgate Community.

I know you open these for President Casey’s food review but important information is below and takes two minutes to read. Yes, I timed it.

We continue to watch for the return of results based on our last round of universal quarantine testing. As of midnight last night, we logged an additional two positive results, bringing us to a total of 31 students who are in isolation with COVID-19 — that’s just eight new cases from our most recent round of testing so far, as President Casey notes. These numbers, along with our other health metrics, are logged on the HAT dashboard.

With students in quarantine and others being designated as close contacts, we wanted to share information on what exactly happens during this process. Some of this depends on the specifics of any given case, but general guidelines have been posted on the Colgate Together website.

Even with these additional cases, we are on track to move to Gate 1 at 7 a.m. on Sept. 8. Thank you for keeping that commitment to community health.

Speaking of Gate 1, you’ll see some information below about the new ways in which dining services will be meeting campus needs this academic year. They needed to de-densify our facilities during the pandemic, and they used that need to spur creativity, convenience, and value. Dining on campus will truly be a new normal, so be sure to read the full message and download the fall 2020 newsletter.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Laura H. Jack
Vice President for Communications 

Take Note

Dining services is ready for Gate 1. Are you? Prepare for life after universal quarantine by downloading Boost Mobile Ordering app, which will allow you to pre-order meals and snacks for pickup from venues across campus. While you’re at it, make sure you have the GET app for touchless ’gate card payments, whether you’re using meal swipes, flex dollars, or ’Gate cash. A lot has changed in dining services. Read about new venues, tastes, and safety measures in this message, and download the fall 2020 newsletter.

Each one of us must take seriously our role as an active bystander. With care, respect, and empathy, we all must hold each other accountable when standards are violated. In the event you observe a violation in which your own direct intervention is not possible or appropriate, please report it.

Quarantine is more than halfway over, and University staff are offering tips on how to thrive during those final days inside. Take a look at their video message.

If you’re looking for a concise way to visualize the semester and its associated deadlines, you can download an academic calendar from the website. There are a number of formats available, and it’s a great way to count down to winter break. Paper copies will be available after the quarantine outside the CLTR.

The paper bags and the cardboard boxes in student meal deliveries are recyclable. Please make sure to place all clean, empty cardboard boxes and paper bags in the "Paper" recycling bins (please break down your boxes). For more information about local recycling, Madison County made this fun game and this useful tool to help you recycle right.

All Colgate students can sign up for free digital access to The New York Times. Access is provided by the Student Government Association and the Center for Leadership and Student Involvement. Undergraduate students must sign up with their Colgate email addresses and have their accounts verified.

A Closing Thought

Stay connected to friends and family! Call or text others to check on them. Doing something nice for others improves your mood, which is vital to your mental health. 

Colgate Together Events

Brown Commons Coffeehouse "Quarantine Style" With Annie Sumi
Sept. 3
8–9 p.m.
Dancing on a line between imagination and reality, ethereal-folk artist Annie Sumi’s music invites you into a familiar otherworld. Her songs take you to places of quiet wonder, of unspoken love, of tranquil landscape. Anniesumi.com

You may view the concert here.

Black Lives and the Legacy of George Floyd: A Conversation
Sept. 4
7 p.m.
Explore the shock waves of George Floyd’s death, the Movement for Black Lives, the crisis of policing in America, the meaning of justice, and more with activist, minister, and scholar Nyle Fort and members of George Floyd’s family, including his uncle, Selwyn Jones.