Undocumented & DACA Applicants

In September 2017, Colgate University joined the other New York Six Liberal Arts colleges and universities in declaring our support for undocumented and DACA status individuals.

Colgate is proud to be part of upstate New York communities that have embraced immigrants and refugees from all corners of the globe for many decades. In that spirit, we welcome students regardless of citizenship or immigration status to apply to Colgate. Further, we promise to provide access to all of the benefits of a Colgate education and to our financial resources to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students.

A Colgate Education

A Colgate education prepares our graduates to see themselves honestly and critically within a global and historical perspective. Further, our students are inspired  to be engaged citizens and to strive for a just society. These are just two of the 13 Goals of a Colgate Education, highlighting an institutional mission to be an open, safe, and welcoming learning environment for all students, faculty, staff, and others in our extended community.

Applying for Admission

Undocumented and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students are eligible to apply for admission to Colgate through the same application process as other first-year or transfer applicants.

Colgate accepts both the Common Application , Coalition on Scoir, and the QuestBridge application You do not need a Social Security number to use any of the applications mentioned. No preference is given to any of the three approved sites. Choose the application with which you are most comfortable.

Students who apply will be considered an international applicant for records purposes, but are not required to submit scores from English-Proficiency exams (i.e. TOEFL) or meet other visa requirements.


Contact us should you have any unique questions before applying to Colgate:

Associate Dean of Admission, Coordinator of Outreach for Opportunity and Inclusion

Financial Aid

Colgate University meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students, including undocumented and DACA students.

To apply for financial aid, undocumented and DACA students must submit the CSS Profile through the College Board and provide federal tax returns or other income verification to the Office of Financial Aid. Our Profile school code is 2086.

Because federal funds are not available to undocumented/DACA students, you are not required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Undocumented/DACA students currently receiving financial aid do not need to re-apply for aid annually.


For unique circumstances or additional questions please contact:

Senior Associate Dean and Director of Financial Aid
G10 James B. Colgate Hall