Hometown: Lewiston, Maine

Major: Educational Studies

Minor: LGBTQ Studies

1. What has been your favorite OUS experience so far and why?

One of my favorite OUS experiences has probably been the joy I felt during the OUS/First Gala! I loved and knew everyone in the space and it made me so happy to remember the love that this community has brought to me over my four years here. Also, my study group to Philadelphia was made of mostly OUS/First Generation students. It was the healthiest and most content I’ve been in my four years, and I really attribute that to the small community I was surrounded with.

2. What are you involved in on campus?

I am involved in Konosioni Senior Honor Society, Lambda, Shaw Wellness Institute, ALANA Cultural Center through Virtual Alumni Mentoring (sign up for a mentor!), and more!

3. What is your most memorable internship or work experience?

My most memorable internship would probably be during my Philadelphia study group, working with the Delaware Valley Fairness Project. They gave me a lot of say in how we 
interacted with the community, allowed me to be as involved as I wanted, and I made beautiful connections while also learning about the world of nonprofit organizations.

4. What is the best class you have taken and why?

Literally every educational studies class has been incredible. However, one of my most challenging and critically engaging classes has been Queer Outlaws. That course, Professor Barreto, and my classmates challenged me in every way imaginable — talking about my own identity, queerness, social constructs, and ideas of morality (even when it comes to murder). It is a wild ride; please take it!

5. If you could offer one piece of advice to younger students on Colgate’s campus, what would it be?

It’s not that serious. Actually. One grade is not life or death, your GPA does not run your whole life, and while this campus can feel isolating and simultaneously suffocating it’s important to remember that your mental, physical, and spiritual well being is far more important than anything else going on. Schedule that counseling appointment! Also, people do genuinely care about you. Reach out, lots of people are secretly going through the same things as you.

6. Do you have any plans after graduation?

I will be at Colgate for one post-grad semester in order to student teach and receive my teacher certification! I will then (hopefully) go to a Ph.D program or begin teaching elementary or middle school students immediately.