Peace and Conflict Studies Program

The Peace & Conflict Studies (PCON) program at Colgate University draws upon the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to address some of the most challenging issues in the world today.

Courses in PCON grapple with an array of topics, from the historical legacies of war and genocide to today's most pressing questions of forced displacement, illicit trafficking, terrorism, militarization, great power competition, and how rapid technological and environmental change is altering the global landscape of war and peace. Faculty in the PCON program have research experience in active warzones, post-conflict spaces, and highly contested historical archives.


Infrastructures of War and Trade in the Middle East
The 2023 Peter C. Schaehrer Memorial Lecture, featuring Laleh Khalili speaking on "Infrastructures of War and Trade in the Middle East."

From a global perspective, the PCON curriculum gives students a range of opportunities to explore the complex causes and impacts of violence, the challenges of human security, and the possibilities for promoting and advancing human rights.

Students seeking a PCON major or minor benefit from exposure to:

  • Grants and fellowships opportunities
  • Unique course electives
  • Off-campus and immersive-study opportunities
  • Symposia and lectures featuring globally recognized thought-leaders

Courses in Peace & Conflict Studies deploy cutting edge pedagogical techniques to create challenging yet invigorating class spaces

I feel like I now have an array of academic tools to address and talk about what is happening in our world today.
Jake Gomez ’21, Winner of the 1819 Award