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Jacob Mundy

Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies; Director, Peace and Conflict Studies Program

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Peace and Conflict Studies
222 Alumni Hall

Using a historical and geographical approach to the entangled constitution of social and ideational orders, my research explores processes and representations of organized violence, particularly in terms of foreign intervention, in Northwest Africa and Southwest Asia — the so-called MENA region. 

My current monographic research project is a historical reexamination of the conjuctural interrelationship between (a) changes in postwar global capitalism (particularly the neoliberal "turn" in the 1970s-1980s), (b) the intensification of militarization and armed conflicts in Northern Africa and Southwest Asia, and (c) the increasing representation of such violence as "terrorism."  To this end, I've published one research paper, one chapter in an edited volume, one analytical review paper, and an essay for general audiences

My primary fieldwork sites have been Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Western Sahara, as well as imperial archives in France, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

• PhD, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, 2010
• M.A., Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, Seattle, 2004 
• B.A., Philosophy, University of Washington, Seattle, 1999

Interests: Critical Security Studies, Political Economy, Middle East, Northern Africa, Sahara-Sahel

Fieldwork: Tunisia (September 2018 – June 2019); Libya (Summer 2012), Algeria (October 2007 – June 2009); Morocco, Western Sahara, and Algeria (Summer 2003 and Fall 2005)

Archival Work: Archives Nationales d'Outre Mer (France), Archives nationales de Tunisie (Tunis), US National Archives (College Park, MD), Ford Presidential Library (Ann Arbor, MI)

Editorial Committee, Middle East Report, 2020–2025

Board of Directors, American Institute of Maghrib Studies, 2016–2018, 2020–2022 

Fulbright Scholar, Visiting Associate Professor, International Political-Economy Program, Tunis Business School, Université de Tunis, 2018–2019.

Fellow, Centre d’Études Maghrébines à Tunis, 2018–2019

Founding Fellow, Sidi Bou Said School of Critical Protest Studies.

Fellow, Lampert Institute for Civic and Global Affairs, 2018–2019.

Conseil scientifique, Observatoire universitaire international du Sahara Occidental (OUISO), 2017–Present

Fellow, Centre d’Études Maghrébines en Algérie, 2007–2008

Western Sahara: War, Nationalism and Conflict Irresolution, Revised and Updated Second Edition, coauthored with Stephen Zunes, Syracuse University Press, Series on Peace and Conflict Resolution, 2021; first edition 2010; second Printing 2011.

Libya. Polity Press, Series in Global Hot Spots, 2018. 

Imaginative Geographies of Algerian Violence: Conflict Science, Conflict Management, Antipolitics, Stanford University Press, Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and Cultures, 2015

The Post-conflict Environment: Investigation and Critique, coeditor with Daniel B. Monk, University of Michigan Press, Series in Global Urban Studies, 2014. 

Jacob Mundy, “A Theoretical War: Accounting for American Imperialism in the Middle East,” Journal of Labor and Society 26 (1: Special Issue on Global Movements in the Middle East), 2023: 15–38, https://brill.com/view/journals/jlso/26/1/article-p15_002.xml

Jacob Mundy, “Libya: Lost in Transition,” Middle East Law and Governance 13(1: Special Journal Section, “Libya: When Transitions Become the Status Quo,” edited by Jacob Mundy), 2021: 1–3, https://brill.com/view/journals/melg/13/1/article-p1_1.xml, Open Access Introduction.

"The Middle East is Violence: On the Limits of Comparative Approaches to the Study of Armed Conflicts." Civil Wars 21 (4: Special issue on The Politics of Comparing Armed Conflicts), 2019: 539–568, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13698249.2019.1664847, Open Access 

“The Science, Aesthetics, and Management of Late Warfare: An Introduction.” Critical Studies on Security 1(2: Special issue co-edited by Stefanie Fishel and Jacob Mundy), 2013: 143-158, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/21624887.2013.826426 

"'Wanton and Senseless' Revisited: The Study of Warfare in Civil Conflicts and the Historiography of the Algerian Massacres," African Studies Review 56(3) December 2013: 25-55, http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/asr.2013.78 

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"Performing the Nation, Prefiguring the State: The Western Saharan Refugees Thirty Years Later," Journal of Modern African Studies 45(2), June 2007: 275-297, http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0022278X07002546


“A Theory of the Middle East: Oil for Insecurity, Permanent War, and the Political-Economy of Late Imperial America” in Between Catastrophe and Revolution: Essays in Honor of Mike Davis, edited by Daniel Bertrand Monk and Michael Sorkin (New York, N.Y.: Urban Research): 193–206.

“Das Ende des Friedensprozesses in der Westsahara und der Zusammenbruch des UN-Waffenstillstands,” in Westsahara: Afrikas letzte Kolonie, edited by Judit Tavakoli, Manfred O. Hinz, Werner Ruf und Leonie Gaiser (Berlin: regiospectra Verlag, 2021): 59–80.

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"Moroccan Settlers in Western Sahara: Colonists or Fifth Column?" (coauthored with Stephen Zunes) in Settlers in Contested Lands: Territorial Disputes and Ethnic Conflicts, Oded Haklai and Neophytos Loizides (eds), Stanford University Press, 2015: 40-74. 

"Bringing the tribe back in? The Western Sahara dispute, ethno-history, and the imagineering of minority conflicts in the Arab world," in Minority Rights and Multiculturalism in the Arab World, Will Kymlicka and Eva Pföstl (eds), Oxford University Press, 2014: 127-150. 

"Western Sahara: Nonviolent Resistance as a Last Resort," coauthored with Stephen Zunes, in Civil Resistance and Conflict Transformation: Transitions from Armed to Nonviolent Struggle, Véronique Dudouet (ed), Routledge Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution, 2014: 20-44.

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Paper, “Why is the ‘Everywhere’ War Mostly in the Middle East?,” Le Centre d’Études Maghrébines à Tunis (CEMAT), September 12, 2019.

Concept Paper, “Development and Global Security,” Governance and Local Development in the Middle East and North Africa, workshop, organized by the Department of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg, held in Sarajevo, August 7–9, 2019.

Paper, “From the Capital of Africa to the Caliphate: High Modern Authoritarianism and Infrastructural Warfare in Sirte, Libya,” De/constructing the Middle Eastern City: Places, Publics, and Geographies of Global Connection, workshop, Maxwell School of International Affairs, March 30, 2018.

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Co-organizer and co-chair, Making Space in the Maghrib, 30th Annual Conference of the American Institute for Maghrib Studies, funded by the Council of American Overseas Research Centers, Djerba, Tunisia, July 8–9, 2017.

Paper, “Towards a Political Economy of State Failure in Libya,” Extremism, Security, and the State in Africa, Institute for African Development Symposium, Cornell University, October 29, 2016.

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