Sociology and anthropology students have several different rooms available for study, work, planning, and networking.

The Resource Room, 429 Alumni Hall

The resource room is close to the SOAN faculty offices as well as the office of Stephanie DeVries, administrative assistant.

There are 3 MAC and 1 PC computers, as well as printing, and scanning resources. The room provides a workspace to plug in laptops, charge phones, or sit and read at the table. A whiteboard provides an area to put up notices or make comments. There are also office supply resources such as tape and staplers, faculty mailboxes, and a hanging file system on the wall where faculty collect or leave materials for students.

The SOAN Lounge, 430 Alumni Hall

The lounge has comfortable reading chairs and a table for working. Professors may place books, course reading packets, or additional required readings for classes in the resource room. A small SOAN library of books and student theses from past years are available to borrow. See our SOAN administrative assistant, Kayla Snow Smith, to sign out these materials.

The lounge also contains information for students from graduate schools about their sociology and anthropology programs.