The program is not only for earning certification, but to truly learn what it means to be a teacher.

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Our Emphasis

The program encompasses liberal studies in education as well as studies and experiences designed to develop teaching effectiveness and professional leadership. The teaching certification program emphasizes developing students’ ability to relate knowledge and theory to skillful teaching in the interest of promoting greater social justice and environmental sustainability.

The Teacher Preparation Program (TPP)

Colgate students have the ability to obtain a New York State Department of Education teacher certification at the University. Undergraduates can complete the program in either eight or nine semesters. The ninth semester is the student teaching semester and is tuition free. Colgate also offers graduate degrees with certification. 

Master of Arts in Teaching

To enter the teaching certification program as a Colgate undergraduate, students first consult with the Director of Teacher Preparation and acquire an application form. Once the application is successfully reviewed, the teacher candidate can start the steps necessary to obtain a New York State Department of Education teacher certification.

The program offers teaching certification programs in the following areas (click on the photos for more information):

Student Teaching

Acceptance into the teaching certification program means candidates are tentatively approved for student teaching, but does not guarantee final acceptance. Acceptance is contingent on faculty agreement of competence, feedback from community partners during practicum and observation experiences, as well as GPA. The program makes every effort to place students in a location that will prepare them most closely with their future employment goals.

More Information

Candidates for teacher certification in New York State must pass competency examinations prepared by the state education department. 

Certification is available to U.S. citizens and to non-citizens who have completed a letter of intent to become a U.S. citizen.

Teacher Spotlight

Here are some Colgate students who have completed the Teacher Preparation Program and are now teaching at schools.

All candidates in the State of New York are required to complete the Education Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA). Colgate University has an exemplary pass rate for this evaluation. To view scores by cohort (see edTPA Charts below).

Undergraduate Elementary

Cohort n Total Ave/Rubric Planning (5) Instruction (5) Literacy Assessment (5) Math Assessment (3)
2017 2 57.5 3.2/5 16 15.5 17.5 8.5

Undergraduate Secondary (English, Language Arts, History, Social Studies, Math, Science, and World Languages)

Cohort n Total Ave/Rubric Planning (5) Instruction (5) Assessment (5)
2016 1 59 3.9/5 19 21 19

MAT Secondary (English, Language Arts, History, Social Studies, Math, Science, and World Language)

Cohort n Total Ave/Rubric Planning (5) Instruction (5) Planning (5)
2016 1 45 3.0/5 13 15 17
2017 1 57 3.8/5 20 18 19

Teacher candidates are supervised during their student teaching experiences by a University Supervisor and a Cooperating Teacher. The University Supervisor completes an assessment of the candidates performance in the classroom 4 times during his or her student teaching experience. The Cooperating Teacher also completes a mid-term and summative evaluation of each candidate. This assessment is based on the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) standards. Scores for candidates in the last two academic years are posted below (clinical experience).

Undergraduate Elementary

Semester Group Average Observation Mid-Term Evaluation Summative Evaluation
Fall 2017 Formative 2.16 2.3
Fall 2017 Summative 2.91 2.83

Undergraduate Secondary

Semester Group Average Observation Mid-Term Evaluation Summative Evaluation
Fall 2016 Formative 2.89 n/a
Fall 2016 Summative 3.89 3.40

MAT Secondary

Semester Group Average Observation Mid-Term Evaluation Summative Evaluation
Fall 2016 Formative 2.11 n/a
Fall 2016 Summative 3.44 3.10
Fall 2017 Formative 3.11 3.0
Fall 2017 Summative 3.56 3.38

In person interviews were conducted with completers from the last two cohorts. In general, program completers reviewed the program as highly effective in preparing them for the field. Program completers also suggested extending supports in lesson planning and classroom management. A majority of recent completers have accepted jobs in urban settings such as the New York City area. 

The Empire Center is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit think tank located in Albany, New York. Each year the group reports on teacher pay and pension based on school district. A link to this resource can be found here (SeeThroughNY).

Information about program completers' performance and employment is available in the Teacher Preparation Profile. 

2012- 2013 2013- 2014 2014- 2015 2015- 2016 2016- 2017 2017- 2018
Number of completers 6 MAT 1-Earth Science 4-ELA 1- History 4 MAT 3-ELA 1-Math *N.B. 1 MAT graduated in Dec 2013 4 MAT 3-ELA 1- History *N.B. 1 MAT did not receive certification 4 MAT 2-ELA 2-History *N.B. 1 MAT certified through Colgate in 2000 2 MAT 1-Math 1-History 1 UG ELA *N.B. 1 MAT finished up degree from a previous decade 1 MAT ELA 2 UG Elem
Number of completers recommended for licensure 85% 100% 75% 100% 100% of traditional graduates
Final GPA of completers 3.69 3.78 3.75 3.8 3.74
Certification test pass rate of completers 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Employed for a position in which they are prepared 33% (verified) 50% (verified) 50% (verified) 100% of traditional graduates 100% of traditional graduates

Information about the location of program completers' employment is available in employer data.

Employer Data

Local Districts NYS Districts Other Districts
*Cazenovia High School
*Norwich Central School, HS
*Syracuse City School District, Henniger, HS
*Bronx Center for Science
*Discover High School in the Bronx
*Henrietta G Lewis Campus School, Lockport, NY
*Utrecht High School
*Brookdale Elementary School in Bloomfield, NJ
*North Hunterdon High School, Clinton, NJ
*Rising Tide Charter Public School, Plymouth, Massachusetts
*West Morris Mendham High School, NJ