Professor Chad Sparber joined The Ivory Tower as a regular panelist beginning in summer 2021. Produced by Central New York’s PBS affiliate WCNY and now in its 18th season, The Ivory Tower is a weekly program that invites local professors to debate and discuss current political topics.

When asked why he was invited to join, Sparber replied, “I think they were looking to add a conservative voice to the panel, and [political science colleague and fellow Ivory Tower panelist] Nina Moore was kind enough to suggest my name. She’s been a great mentor and collaborator on this.”

Sparber added that he tries to bring an “economic way of thinking” to problems, and that he likes to rely upon academic evidence to support his positions when he can. “We’re professors, not lobbyists,” Sparber said, “And I think the show is a great vehicle for demonstrating academia at its best. We come together with unique perspectives, data, and evidence; spend some time debating important ideas; and end the day with respect and appreciation for what each of us contributes. I think the one thing we all agree on is the importance of keeping debate alive.”