Class of 2023 Honors Students in Economics

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The following students from the Class of 2023 have earned the honors designation in the Department of Economics after successfully completing their honors theses (six of which earned high honors):

High Honors:

Kate Anderson

Disability and Net Assets: The Heterogeneous Effects of Private Health Insurance in United States Households

(Faculty Adviser: Takao Kato)

Andrew Derrickson

Gift Exchange and Worker Productivity-An Econometric Case Study from a Manufacturing Firm in Coastal China

(Faculty Adviser: Takao Kato)

Sam Kaplan

An Evaluation of Medicaid Expansion and its Relationship to Cancer Mortality

(Faculty Adviser: Carolina Castilla)

Tedi Totojani

Do Self-Reported Measures of Field-of-Study Mismatch Inflate the Wage Penalty? Evidence using O*NET Data

(Faculty Adviser: Takao Kato and Yang Song)

Corey VanDoren

The Impact of Inflation Targeting on Macroeconomic Performance During Recessions

(Faculty Adviser: Rich Higgins)

Jason Wang

The Effect of Shared Capitalism on the Wealth of People with Disabilities

(Faculty Adviser: Takao Kato)


Max Edelstein

“Finding Front Doors: Program evaluation with Observational Data from El Salvador”

(Faculty Adviser: David Murphy and Pierce Donovan )