Class of 2022 Honors Students in Economics

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The following students from the Class of 2022 have earned the honors designation in the Department of Economics after successfully completing their honors thesis (four of which earned high honors):


Minh Khue Nguyen

The Interplay between Field-of-study Minority and Demographic Minority in Determining Subjective Horizontal Mismatch

(Faculty Adviser: Takao Kato)

Sahil Lalwani

Stress Testing, Lender Concentration and Credit Supply: Evidence from the US Mortgage Market

(Faculty Adviser: Michael Connolly)

Ayush Sinha

What do you do if you find out that your Fannie Mae multifamily loan is going underwater?”

(Faculty Adviser: Michael Connolly)

Gabrielle Sorresso

Shared Capitalism, Wealth, And Gender:  New Evidence

(Faculty Adviser: Takao Kato)


Anthony Palazzola

Faculty Unionization and Major Expansion in U.S. Colleges

(Faculty Adviser: Yang Song)

Yoonjong Lee

Choosing when it matters:  How are surrogate decision-makers affected by overchoice and status quo bias?”

(Faculty Advisers: Carolina Castilla, Yang Song)

Giancarlo Arcese

Is COVID to Blame? Explaining the Decreased Attendance in the 2021–22 NBA and NHL seasons

(Faculty Advisers: Ben Anderson, Yang Song)