Class of 2021 Honors Students in Economics

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The following students from the Class of 2021 have earned the honors designation in the Department of Economics after successfully completing their honors thesis (three of which earned high honors):

High Honors:

MacKenzie Martin

"The HRRP Impact on Patient Discharge Status in New Jersey"

(Faculty Adviser-Professor Genevieve Alorbi)


Benjamin Moffa

"Mortgaging Lending Activity During the COVID-19 Pandemic and
Quantitative Easing’s Corresponding Effects"

(Faculty Adviser-Professor Michael Connolly)


Brittany Parrott

"Within-Firm Pay Inequality and Innovative Work Practices:
A comparative analysis using ESOPs

(Faculty Adviser-Professor Takao Kato)



Alessandro Conte

"Evaluating the Impact of the UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations on Competitive Balance within European Professional Football"

(Faculty Adviser-Professor Ben Anderson)


Samuel Gatsos

"Corporate Financial Outcomes During COVID-19:
Fed Intervention & Debt Maturity Frictions"

(Faculty Adviser-Professor Michael Connolly)


Rachel Gunders

"Estimating the Intergenerational Persistence among U.S.-Born Natives and Immigrants"

(Faculty Adviser-Professor Nicole Simpson)


Mohammad Omair

"The Impact of Financial Frictions & Uncertain Asset Returns on Money Demand"

(Faculty Adviser-Professor Rich Higgins)


Yuxuan Zhang

"Factors influencing leadership effects on team performance: A case study on Chinese
Manufacturing Plants

(Faculty Adviser-Professor Takao Kato)