Class of 2020 Honors Students in Economics

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The following students from the Class of 2020 have earned the honors designation in the Economics Department after successfully completing their honors thesis (4 of which earned high honors):


High Honors:

Ruixing (Tim) Lin

"Foreign Investors and Firm Innovation:  Evidence from the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Takao Kato)


Jacob Scott

"Measurement Sensitivity in Field-of-Study Mismatch Research"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Takao Kato)


Alexandra Richer

"Are Unions Harming their Members? A Cross-Country Analysis of Unions' Impact on Automation"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Ben Anderson)


Meredith Starrett

"Examining Firm-Bank Switching Following Leveraged Lending Guidance"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Michael Connolly)



Michael Reed

"An Analysis of Community Development Block Grant Distributions from 2000 to 2005"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Michael Haines)


Yingying (Chloe) He

"Inward Investment Efficiency in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Dean Scrimgeour)


Helen Misiewicz

"The Gender Investment Gap:  How Gender Identities May Affect Investment Decisions"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Yang Song)


Catria Gadwah-Meaden

"Differential Impacts of Increasing the Social Security Retirement Age:  Variation Along Socioeconomic Lines"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Daniel Ludwinski)