Class of 2019 Honors Students in Economics

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The following students from the Class of 2019 have earned the honors designation in the Economics Department after successfully completing their honors thesis (3 of which earned high honors):

High Honors:

Gabriella (Gaby) Bianchi

"Outcomes of E-Verify Laws on Labor Force Participation for Minors in Likely Undocumented Households"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Chad Sparber)


Connor McCarthy

"Investigating the Community Solar Rebound:  The Effect of Community Solar PV Adoption on Household Electricity Consumption"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Rick Klotz)


Kexin (Tracy) Xu

"Gift Exchange Theory:  Field Experimental Evidence from China"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Takao Kato)


Jacob Chaas

"Immigration and its Effects on Trade:  Evidence from the United States Distinguishing by Visa Type"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Chad Sparber)


Yuan (Gavin) Gao

"Price Effects of Low-Cost Carrier Entry at Hub Airports Evidence from the US Airways-American Airlines Merger"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Don Waldman)


Youhan (Carrie) Zhang

"Regional Variations in China's One Child Policy"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Takao Kato)


Alexandra (Aly) Zoarski

"She's the Man(ager): A Study on Female Executives in the Korean Workplace"

(Faculty Advisor-Professor Takao Kato)