Class of 2018 Honors Students in Economics

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The following students from the Class of 2018 have earned the honors designation in the Economics Department after successfully completing their honors thesis (3 of which earned high honors):

Jacob Adams

Measuring Coworker Effects: Evidence from an American Manufacturing Firm
(Faculty Sponsor: Takao Kato)

Lucas Cooper

Analyzing the Market’s Ability to Predict the Synergies of Mergers and Acquisitions
(Faculty Sponsor: Matt Jaremski)

Danielle Kliger

Closing the Income Gap: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Employee Stock Ownership Programs
(Faculty Sponsor: Takao Kato)

Zoey Liu

Comparing Methods to Identify Undocumented Immigrants in Survey Data: Applications to the DREAM Act and DACA
(Faculty Sponsor: Yang Song)

Baiyu Zhou

Who are the job leavers and why do they quit? Evidence from the manufacturing firm
(Faculty Sponsor: Takao Kato)