The Internet offers great opportunities for education, keeping up with research, and much more.

Perseus: A rich library of texts, images, archaeological remains and site plans.
Women in Antiquity: Materials for the study of women and gender in the ancient world.
The Vergil Project: Resources for students, teachers, and readers of Vergil.
Ancient Roman Recipes: Information about Roman foods for those interested in learning more about ancient feasts.
Vatican Museums: A vast collection of images from the Vatican collections.

Rhetorical Figures: Descriptions and examples of ancient rhetorical figures.
Greek Dictionaries: Free access to online versions of the several dictionaries.
Suda: An ongoing collaborative project to create an online translation of the Suda, a 10th century Byzantine Greek encyclopedia.

Philodemus Project: This site has great photos of papyrus fragments
Dead Sea Scrolls: Library of Congress online version of the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition.
Duke University’s Papyrology Archive: General papyrology resources and extensive information with more than 200 images.

ROMARCH: Links and information about Roman archeology ranging from ca. 1000 BCE to 600 CE.
Pictures of Athens: Photographic archive of archaeological and architectural remains.
Pompeii Forum Project: Using image-maps, it breaks down the Forum area into component buildings and functions.