Creative Portfolio Submissions

Colgate applicants interested in the arts may choose to submit a portfolio of creative materials and accomplishments with their applications, although such a portfolio is not a requirement.

Why Submit?

Some applicants elect to submit a portfolio as a means of documenting high school achievements, and to indicate their intentions to continue engaging in the arts while at Colgate. Submitting material for review does not require a commitment to major in the field.

How to Submit Online

Applicants may submit a portfolio via the Colgate Slideroom Portal:

Submit a portfolio

Please include:

  • Title, date, size, and material of each work submitted
  • A brief artist's statement

Artist’s Statement

Your artist's statement should answer the following:

  • Was the piece an assignment?
  • Describe your past experiences with the visual arts including classes taken, dates, and media used.
  • Of the documentation submitted, which piece best represents you as an artist, and why? Include motivation behind this work and/or your art in general.
  • Describe your plans for the study of art at Colgate.