This information is part of the Colgate University catalog, 2021-22.

Major Requirements

The requirements for the major are as follows:

Required Courses

Four 200- or 300-level studio art courses in at least two different media from the list below​ 

One of the Following

Must be taken before the senior year.

Additional Courses - Art Periods

Two more courses in art history in a least two of the different periods listed below. One may be at the 100 level if taken in the first two years:

Art Prior to 1300:
Art from 1300–1800:
Art After 1800:

Advanced Projects in Studio Art

Must be taken before the senior year.

Senior Project: Studio Art


Students pursuing honors must complete an independent honors project, in addition to all other major requirements.

GPA Requirement

A GPA of C (2.00) in combined studio courses and art history courses is required of all majors. Only one course below a C– will be accepted for the major.

Honors and High Honors

Students interested in pursuing honors can find the additional requirements on the  department page.

Art and Art History Department

For more information about the department, including Faculty, transfer credit, awards, etc., please visit the  catalogue page.