Student staff members serve as Shaw Ambassadors to the Colgate community. They work as Bystander Intervention Facilitators, Campus Partner Liaisons, and Peer Coaches

Abaigeal Donaldson ’23

Abaigeal Donaldson ’23 

Nutrition Liaison

Abaigeal is studying neuroscience with a minor in peace & conflict studies. Around campus, she is a volunteer EMT for Madison EMS. Abaigeal is originally from Wayland, MA. Her advice to her younger self is, “"The sun will come out tomorrow," as Annie would say. Keep working hard, and even when things get difficult, a new day always presents itself as another, new beginning.”

Abby Douglas ’22

Abby Douglas ’22

Bystander Intervention Facilitator

She is Majoring in Sociology and minoring in Religion. Abby’s interesting fact is that a piano fell on her foot and broke it! She was first interested in Shaw when she learned a lot of useful information at her Bystander presentation and wanted to relay this information to other Colgate students to help create a safer campus environment! Other extracurricular activities she is a part of are FUSE Dance Company, DDT Dance, Administrative Vice President of Gamma Phi Beta and she is a Bystander Facilitator at Shaw! After Colgate she hopes to go to do a dual degree in law and social work!

Alison Gadd ’22

Alison Gadd ’22 (she/her/hers)

Bystander Intervention Facilitator

She is a psychology major and she sings with the Colgate Dischords, an a cappella group on campus! She was drawn to the people and the format of Bystander work because the people are passionate and active in promoting safety on campus, and the structure allows her to communicate, learn, and grow with her peers. Alison is a Bystander Facilitator, and when she’s not in the Shaw lounge, she sings soprano in her a cappella group, serves as the group’s Administrative Director, and works as the REALWellness Ambassador for Gamma Phi Beta. After Colgate she would like to continue studying psychology and do post-graduate work in Europe. 

Amanda Faust headshot

Amanda Faust

Integrated Wellness Liaison

Amanda is studying molecular biology with a minor in art & art history and is on the pre-med track. Around campus, Amanda is an EMT at Madison Ambulance, member of Swinging Gates A Cappella, and member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Amanda is originally from Short Hills, NJ. Her advice to her younger self is, “Do what you love without hesitation!”

Catherine Bennett headshot

Catherine Bennett ‘24

Integrated Wellness Liaison

Catherine is studying neuroscience and public health. Around campus, she is involved in Hamilton Elementary Tutors and CHAARG. Catherine is originally from London, UK. Her advice to her younger self is, “Have more self-confidence. I wish I had spent less time caring about what other people thought of me, and instead focused on what I was truly passionate about.”

Eli Gould

Eli Gould ’23

Bystander Intervention Facilitator

He is undecided in his major. Eli’s interesting fact is that he travel’s to a cabin in Alaska every summer. He joined Shaw because he wanted to make a difference in the community. Eli also plays on the Colgate Men's Soccer team and is a Shaw bystander. After Colgate he would love to continue helping people.

Emma Hoesterey

Emma Hoesterey '23

Wellness Ambassador

She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Educational Studies. Emma wants to continue to promote the importance of wellness on campus and enjoys partnering with other campus organizations to make school-wide initiatives. Her favorite part about working in Shaw is being able to communicate with new people and educate the student body about the different spheres of wellness. She is on the club ski team, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, and the Engagement Chair for the Active Minds club. After Colgate, Emma would like to study child psychology and improve the mental wellbeing of others.

Ethan Freedman

Ethan Freedman ‘24

Bystander Intervention Facilitator

Ethan is studying women’s studies and psychology on the premed track. Around campus, he’s a part of the Medusa movement and hopes to become more active in student organizations and maybe a sport. His advice to his younger self is, “Follow your heart. You are never alone!”

Eva Wiener

Eva Wiener ‘23

Peer Coach

Eva is studying neuroscience and minoring in creative writing. Around campus, she is a volunteer EMT with SOMAC, a research assistant for the 2021 Living Writers series, and a SAPAS chair for Gamma Phi Beta. Eva is originally from Los Angeles, CA. Her advice to her younger self is, “Stop doing things that feel joyless or performative and focus more on what gives me a sense of fulfillment. A few years from now, so much that we currently place weight on will be irrelevant, and the things that truly bring me joy will be what I carry on to the rest of my life.”

Folade Olusanye

Folade Olusanya ‘24

ALANA Liaison

Folade is studying molecular biology and global public and environmental health. Around campus, she is involved in SOMAC and Impulse Club. Folade is originally from Waterbury, CT. Her advice to her younger self is, “Don't put hangouts, activities and exciting things on hold because it "doesn't feel like the right time yet"; enjoy things while you can now! The future isn't promised.

Dassie Spivack

Dassie Spivack ‘23

Bystander Intervention Facilitator

Dassie is studying peace & conflict studies and computer science. Around campus, she is involved in Colgate Jewish Union and Ultimate Frisbee. Dassie is originally from Riverdale, NY. Her advice to her younger self is, “Just remember, everything happens for a reason and it’s all going to be okay.”

Haley Gladstone

Haley Gladstone ‘23

Peer Coach

Haley is studying psychology and potentially minoring in global public and environmental health. Around campus, she is involved in M&M Club, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Admissions Greeter/Tour Guide. Haley is originally from Dover, MA. Her advice to her younger self is, “Put yourself out there! Try to lean into the fear of trying new things - sometimes going out of your comfort zone can result in discovering a new passion or love for something.”

Harrison Howe

Harrison Howe ‘22

Peer Coach

Harrison is studying psychology on the pre-health track. Around campus, he is a Conduct Board Member, EEG Lab Manager. He is originally from San Diego, CA. His advice to his younger self is, “Some of the best things in life are unexpected, so if things don't work out the way you thought they would, don't worry. They might just turn out better.”

James Clark

James Clark ‘23

Bystander Intervention Facilitator

James is studying biochemistry with a minor in sociology. Around campus, he is a member of Professor Peeler's lab and tutor for Madison Central School. He is originally from Camillus, NY. His advice to his younger self is, “Don't be afraid to let your true self shine. Negative experiences are fleeting, but positive memories are forever.”

Kataryna Pina

Kataryna Pina ‘22

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Advising Liaison

Kataryna is studying psychological & brain sciences and education sciences. Around campus, she is involved in Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS) Scholar, Gamma Phi Beta, ITS Student Consultant, Latin American Student Organization (LASO), and English as a Second Language (ESL) Tutoring. Kataryna was originally from Rio Grande Valley, TX. Her advice to her younger self is, “Be kinder to yourself. It's okay to be unsure about your purpose in life, you have time.”

Katarina Atallah-Yunes

Katerina Atallah-Yunes ‘23

Bystander Intervention Facilitator

Katerina is studying biochemistry, computer science, and sociology. Around campus, she is involved in Pre-Health Pathways and Varsity Women's Tennis. She’s originally from Manlius, NY. Her advice to her younger self is, “I would tell my younger self not to stress so much about the future. You are a hard worker and you'll achieve whatever you're working towards in the moment.”

Kirby Goodman

Kirby Goodman ’22

Bystander Intervention Facilitator

She is majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies. Her interesting fact is that she loves rats. Kirby really wanted to be involved in sexual assault prevention efforts that reach people on this campus who don’t already care about or understand this issue and it’s impacts, and bystander/Shaw is one of the only platforms to reach these people on campus and make an impact in this way. She is a News Editor for the Maroon-News, an SGA Senator, SAPAS Chairwoman for Gphi, in club figure skating, and involved in Progress Period and Planned Parenthood! At Shaw, she is a Bystander facilitator. Kirby is super passionate about journalism and dedicates a ton of her time at Colgate to student journalism. After Colgate, she would love to pursue journalism and reporting professionally.

Larsen Klein ’22

Larsen Klein ’22

Bystander Intervention Facilitator

She is majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies and Women’s Studies. Larsen has a twin here at Colgate. She wants to be involved with helping prevent sexual violence on campus and promote a safer campus culture. Larsen also loved and admired the people who worked at Shaw before her, and knew she wanted to be a part of this lovely team! She is a Bystander Intern at Shaw. Larsen is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, the Medusa Movement, and the equestrian team on campus. After Colgate she hopes to work in the NGO/non-profit industry.

Maya Souvignier

Maya Souvignier ‘23

Peer Coach

Maya is studying neuroscience and anthropology. Around campus, she is involved in Madison Ambulance, Link Staff, Sidekicks, Shock Dance Group, Gamma Phi Beta. Maya is originally from Colorado Springs, CO. Her advice to her younger self is, “You will end up where you are meant to be. Take a deep breath.”

Nicholas Cinnamo

Nicholas Cinnamo ‘24

Alcohol & Other Drugs Liaison

Nick is studying psychological science and education studies. Around campus, he is involved in Active Minds, Liberty Kids, Colgate Resolutions A Cappella. Nick is originally from New York City, NY. His advice to his younger self is, “I would tell him that youth is wasted on the young, so try to enjoy the freedoms and joys of childhood to the best of your ability.”

Photo of Persephone Sween-Argyros

Persephone Sween-Argyros ‘24

Peer Coach

Persephone is studying mathematical economics with a minor in psychological science. Persephone is originally from Austin, TX. Her advice to her younger self is, “There's a difference between keeping people in your life because they're worth fighting for and because you're too scared to admit you need to move on.”

Rachella Carlino

Rachella Carlino ‘23

Integrated Wellness Liaison

Rachella is studying psychology with a minor in religion. Around campus, she is involved in The Colgate Resolutions, MAD Tutors, COVE Student Advisory Council. Rachella is originally from Scotch Plains, NJ. Her advice to her younger self is, “Focus more on activities that foster physical and mental growth, especially amid the stressors and obligations of everyday life. More importantly, asking for help in any capacity is a sign of strength and courage.”

Sam Diaz

Sam Diaz ‘22

Bystander Intervention Facilitator

Sam is studying history. Around campus, she is involved in Planned Parenthood DEI Chair, Presidents Club. Sam is originally from New York City, NY. Her advice to her younger self is, “Be kinder to yourself.”

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton ‘23

Bystander Intervention Facilitator

Sarah is studying educational studies and psychological studies. Around campus, she is a leader for Colgate Buddies, and a member of Link Staff and the ski team. Sarah is originally from Denver, CO. Her advice to her younger self is, “Have faith in my ability to navigate let-downs and difficult life events.

Tess Hargarten

Tess Hargarten ’22

Wellness Ambassador

She is majoring in Political Science and is from Canada. She says that wellness is something that is extremely important, but is often neglected. Especially in college, people often need a little help in focusing on their wellness and putting themselves first. Tess wants to help spread wellness to all areas of campus and ensure that we are all taking care of ourselves as best we can. She is in Groove dance troupe, and she is a Sustainability Liaison at Shaw. As for her future after Colgate, she is unsure!

Xose Agbadan

Xose Agbadan ‘25

Design & Marketing Intern

Xose is intending to study astronomy-physics and theater. Around campus, she hopes to be involved in music and theater and some cultural clubs. Xose is originally from Togo and Ghana and has lived in Cheltenham Township (right outside of Philadelphia) for most of her life! Her advice to her younger self is, “Don't overexert yourself for people who couldn't care less about you. Value your time and energy — use it wisely.”