Danielle Lupton

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Danielle Lupton

Associate Professor of Political Science; Director of the International Relations Program

Department/Office Information

Political Science, International Relations
122 Persson Hall
  • W 10:15am - 1:15pm (122 Persson Hall)


Danielle Lupton's research investigates the impact of individual leaders on international security and foreign policy. She is the author of Reputation for Resolve: How Leaders Signal Determination in International Politics (Cornell University Press, 2020), which won the 2021 J. David Singer Book Award. Her research is also published in International Studies Quarterly, Political Analysis, International Interactions, Political Research Quarterly, the Journal of Global Security Studies, Ethics & International Affairs, Global Studies Quarterly, and American Politics Research.

Her policy relevant writings have appeared in Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Just SecurityThe Washington Post, and Political Violence @ A Glance. Her media appearances include CNN, The New York Times, The Economist, Good Morning America, The Hill, Roll Call, Military.com, Defense One, War on the Rocks' Warcast, Horns of a Dilemma Podcast, and the POTUS radio show.   She is also the Co-Editor of International Studies Perspectives. In the 2022-2023 academic year, she served as a research fellow at West Point's Modern War Institute.

Learn more about her research and teaching on her personal website.

Ph.D., Duke University, 2014

M.A., Duke University, 2011

B.A., Furman University, 2008 (summa cum laude)


Danielle L. Lupton. ​2020. Reputation for Resolve: How Leaders Signal Determination in International Politics. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, Cornell Studies in Security Affairs

Refereed Journal Articles:

John Doces and Danielle L. Lupton. 2023. "Leader Turnover, Regime Type, and Growth Volatility." Global Studies Quarterly 3(2): ksad020.

Jessica Blankshain, David Glick, and Danielle L. Lupton. 2023. "War Metaphors (What Are They Good For?): Militarized Rhetoric and Attitudes Toward Essential Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic." American Politics Research 51(2): 161-173.

Danielle L. Lupton and Clayton Webb. 2022. "Whither Elites? The Role of Elite Credibility and Knowledge in Public Perceptions of Foreign Policy." International Studies Quarterly 66(3): sqac057.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2022. "Military Experience and Elite Decision-Making: Self-Selection, Socialization, and the Vietnam Draft Lottery." International Studies Quarterly 66(1): sqab052.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2020. "The Reputational Costs and Ethical Implications of Coercive Limited Air Strikes: The Fallacy of the Middle Ground Approach," Ethics & International Affairs 34(2): 217-228.

Jonathan N. Brown, Danielle L. Lupton, and Alex Farrington. 2019. "Embedded Deception: Interpersonal Trust, Cooperative Expectations, and the Sharing of Fabricated Intelligence." Journal of Global Security Studies 4(2): 209-226.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2019. "The External Validity of College Student Subject Pools in Experimental Research: A Cross-Sample Comparison of Treatment Effect Heterogeneity," Political Analysis 27(1): 90-97.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2018. "Reexamining Reputation for Resolve: Leaders, States, and the Onset of International Crises." Journal of Global Security Studies 3(2): 196-218.

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Danielle L. Lupton. 2017. "Out of the Service, Into the House: Military Experience and Congressional War Oversight." Political Research Quarterly 70(2): 327-339.

Book Chapters:

Danielle L. Lupton and Clayton Webb. 2023. "Experimental Methods," in Routledge Handbook of Foreign Policy Methodseds. Patrick Mello and Falk Ostermann (New York: Routledge), 338-353.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2021. "Veterans in the Post-2001 House: The Impact of Military Service on War Oversight," in Congress and U.S. Foreign Policy: Activism, Assertiveness and Acquiescence in a Polarized Eraeds. Ralph Carter and James Scott (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield), 161-176.

Danielle L. Lupton and Valerie Morkevicius. 2019. "The Fog of War: Violence, Coercion, and Jus ad Vim," in Force Short of War in Modern Conflict: Jus Ad Vim, ed. Jai Galliot (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press), 36-56.

Book Reviews:

Danielle L. Lupton. 2023. Author's Response to H-Diplo/RJISSF Roundtable Review of Reputation for Resolve: How Leaders Signal Determination in International Politics (Cornell University Press, 2020), 10 February.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2021. "What if? A Look Back at the Strategic Logic of U.S. Alliances." Review of Mira Rapp Hooper's Shields of the Republic (Harvard University Press, 2020). Texas National Security Review, 9 August. 

Danielle L. Lupton. 2017. Review of Frank P. Harvey and John Mitton, Fighting for Credibility: U.S. Reputation and International Politics (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016). H-DIPLO/ISSF Roundtable Review. Vol. X, No. 3, December 1.

Other Publications:

Jessica Blankshain, David Glick, and Danielle L. Lupton. 2022. "'War on Covid' rhetoric does little to shape public attitudes in a polarized political environment and may do more harm than good." London School of Economics' United States and Politics Policy Blog, November 9.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2021. "Biden Has a Narrow Window to Restore U.S. Credibility." Foreign Affairs, February 8. 

Jessica Blankshain, Max Z. Margulies, and Danielle L. Lupton. 2020. "Shifting Norms About Secretary of Defense Has Long-Term Consequences: On the Austin Nomination." Just Security, December 22. 

Danielle L. Lupton and Max Z. Margulies. 2020. "Trump's election fraud allegations suggest military voters uniformly supported him. It's not so." The Washington Post Monkey Cage, November 18.

Danielle L. Lupton, David T. Burbach, and Lindsay P. Cohn. 2020. "Authoritarian Tactics on US Soil." Political Violence at a Glance, August 5. 

David T. Burbach, Lindsay P. Cohn, and Danielle L. Lupton. 2020. "What's happening in Portland could hurt civilian control of the military. Here's how." The Washington Post's Monkey Cage, July 29.

Jessica Blankshain and Danielle L. Lupton. 2020. "This is the problem with calling it a 'war' on coronavirus." The Washington Post's Monkey Cage, April 20.

Danielle L. Lupton and Michael Robinson. 2020. "Grading Joe Biden on Foreign Policy." Political Violence @ A Glance, March 17.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2020. "Trump thought escalating the Iran crisis would solve it. That's not how escalation works." The Washington Post's Monkey Cage, January 8.

Valerie O. Morkevicius and Danielle L. Lupton. 2020. "Was the Killing of Qassem Soleimani Justified?" Political Violence @ A Glance, January 6.

Danielle L. Lupton and Valerie O. Morkevicius. 2019. "No, Trump probably won't start a war to divert from his difficulties. Here's what he'll do instead." The Washington Post's Monkey Cage, October 17.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2019. "D-Day would be nearly impossible to pull off today. Here's why." The Washington Post's Monkey CageJune 6.

Danielle L. Lupton, Valerie Morkevicius, and James Pattison. 2019. "Choosing an Ethical and Effective Response to Russian Aggression in Ukraine." Political Violence @ A GlanceMarch 4. 

Danielle L. Lupton. 2017. “Having fewer veterans in Congress makes it less likely to restrain the president’s use of force.” The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, November 10.

Danielle L. Lupton, Roseanne McManus, and Keren Yarhi-Milo. 2017. “Trump is trying to send North Korea a message. He’s got a long way to go.” The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, April 26.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2017. “Deterring North Korea: Understanding the Options and Challenges.” Political Violence @ A Glance, April 5.

Danielle L. Lupton and Peter Feaver. 2016. “Voices Carry: How Careless Campaign Bombast Can Undo Administrations.” Foreign Policy, May 16.

Danielle L. Lupton. 2016. “Lessons in Failure: Libya Five Years Later.” Political Violence @ A Glance, April 15.


  • 2023 Public Affairs and Policy Research Initiative Research Grant, Colgate University
  • 2022 Research Fellow, Modern War Institute, US Military Academy at West Point
  • 2021 J. David Singer Book Award
  • 2021 Honorable Mention, Best Book Award, Foreign Policy Section, American Political Science Association
  • 2021 Runner Up, America in the World Consortium Best Article on US Foreign Policy and Grand Strategy
  • 2020 Research Workshop Grant, International Studies Association
  • 2020 Artinian Travel Award, Southern Political Science Association
  • 2018 Small Research Grant, American Political Science Association 
  • 2018 Picker Research Fellowship, Colgate University
  • 2017 Travel Grant, Louis Rakin Foundation
  • 2016 Best Paper Award, Foreign Policy Section, American Political Science Association
  • 2015 Research Grant, Eisenhower Foundation
  • 2015 Frederick M. Jablin Doctoral Dissertation Award, International Leadership Association
  • 2013 Fellowship, Hartman Center and the David M. Rubenstein Special Collections Library
  • 2013 Aleane Webb Dissertation Research Fellowship, Duke University
  • 2013 Research Grant, Program for the Study of Democracy, Institutions, and Political Economy
  • 2013 Bradley Fellow, Bradley Foundation
  • 2012 Alona Evans International Law and International Relations Award, Duke University
  • 2012 Research Grant, Social Science Research Institute at Duke University
  • 2012 Summer Research Fellowship, Robert K. Steel Family Graduate Fellowship Endowment
  • 2012 Aleane Webb Dissertation Research Fellowship, Duke University
  • 2011 Summer Research Fellowship, Program for the Study of Democracy, Institutions, and Political Economy
  • 2010 Bradley Fellow, Bradley Foundation
  • 2008 Phi Beta Kappa, Furman University
  • POSC 498/499 Honors Seminar in Political Science and International Relations
  • POSC 456 War: Theories and Practices 
  • POSC 390 Silent Warfare: Intelligence Analysis and Statecraft
  • POSC 366 Contemporary American Foreign Policy
  • POSC 232 Fundamentals of International Relations
  • POSC 152 Global Peace and War
  • FSEM 198 Fundamentals of International Relations (FSEM)
  • International Relations
  • Security Studies
  • American Foreign Policy
  • Civil-Military Relations
  • Surveys and Experiments