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Andrew Pattison

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Department/Office Information

Environmental Studies
210 Ho Science Center

My research and teaching interests include climate policy and planning, U.S. environmental politics, policy learning and narratives, wilderness and social-ecological systems management, and the role of science in the policy process. In terms of methods, I have used quantitative analysis of local and national scale carbon emission inventories, policy documents, survey data, and qualitative analysis from field interviews. Recently, I have employed natural language processing and machine learning to analyze fracking policy narrative strategies within large datasets of social media use. I integrate community-based research into my classes whenever possible. Previously, I worked as a climate and sustainability analyst and planner. I have also served in City Council-appointed and Governor-appointed positions and on the board of directors for multiple nonprofit organizations related to environmental policy, civic engagement, and housing. I am part of The Scholars Strategy Network, which provides jargon-free research on the nation’s most challenging policy problems. 

PhD Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver
MPA Environmental Policy, Management, and Law, University of Colorado Denver
BA Biology, Environmental Studies minor, Skidmore College

Fracking Twitter: Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Tools for the Identification of Coalition and Causal Narratives. 2023. Andrew Pattison, Will Cipolli III, Jose Marichal, and Christopher Cherniakov. Politics & Policy. 51(5): 755-774.

The Devil We Know and the Angel that Did Not Fly: An Examination of Devil / Angel Shift in Twitter Fracking “Debates” in NY 2008–2018. 2022. Andrew Pattison, Will Cipolli III, and Jose Marichal. Review of Policy Research. 39(1): 51-72.  

The Uneven Weight of Carbon on Policy: Towards a Framework for Understanding How Greenhouse Gas Inventories Can Inform Equitable Climate Policy Design. 2022. Andrew Pattison, Matthew T. Clement, and Robert Habans.. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. 12(1): 81-90. 

Community-based Climate Action Planning as An Act of Advocacy: A Case Study of Liberal Arts Education in A Rural Community. 2021. Andrew Pattison, Christopher R. Henke, and John Pumilio. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. 11(2): 183-193.   

Carbon Emissions and Climate Policy Support by Local Governments in California: A Qualitative Comparison Analysis at the County Level. 2019. Robert Habans, Matthew Clement, and Andrew PattisonJournal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. 9(3): 255-269.

Factors Shaping Policy Learning: A Study of Policy Actors in Subnational Climate and Energy Issues. 2018. Andrew PattisonReview of Policy Research. 35(4): 535-565. 

Equitable Local Climate Action Planning: Sustainable & Affordable Housing. 2018. Andrew Pattison and Jason Kawall. Ethics, Policy & Environment. 20(4): 17-20. 

Scaling down the 'Netherlands Fallacy': a local-level quantitative study of the effect of affluence on the carbon footprint across the United States. 2017. Matthew Thomas Clement, Andrew Pattison and Robby Habans. Environmental Science & Policy. 78: 1-8. 

"The Pitfalls and Promises of Climate Action Plans: Transformative Resilience Strategy in U.S. Cities". 2017. Chandra Russo and Andrew Pattison. In Resilience, Environmental Justice and the CityEdited by B. S. Caniglia, M. Vallée, and B. F. Frank. New York, NY: Routledge. 

"Climate Action Planning: The Urban Equity Dilemma. Chandra Russo and Andrew Pattison". 2016. In Systemic Crises of Global Climate Change: Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender. Edited by P. Godfrey & D. Torres. New York, NY: Routledge. 

Ecological Modernization or Aristocratic Conservation: Examining the Impact of Affluence on Carbon Emissions at the Local Level. 2014. Andrew Pattison, Robert Habans and Matthew Thomas Clement. Society and Natural Resources. 27(8): 850-866. 

Social Construction and Policy Design: A Review of Past Applications. 2014. Jonathan J. Pierce, Saba Siddiki, Michael D. Jones, Kristin Schumacher, Andrew Pattison, and Holly Peterson. Policy Studies Journal. 42(1): 1-29. 

A Social-Ecological Infrastructural Systems (SEIS) Framework for Interdisciplinary Study of Sustainable City Systems: An Integrative Curriculum Across Seven Major Disciplines. 2012. Anu Ramaswami, Christopher Weible, Deborah Main, Tanya Heikkila, Saba Siddiki, Andrew Duvall, Andrew Pattison, and Meghan Bernard. Journal of Industrial Ecology. 16(6): 801-813. 

Policy Analytical Capacity Inside and Outside Government: A Case Study of Colorado Climate and Energy Issues. 2012. Dallas Elgin, Andrew Pattison, and Christopher M. Weible. Canadian Political Science Review.6(1): 101-116. 

Policy Analytical Capacity and Policy Activities. 2012. Christopher Weible, Dallas Elgin, and Andrew PattisonCanadian Political Science Review. 6(1): 125-137. 

Harnessing Expert-Based Information for Learning and the Sustainable Management of Complex Socio-Ecological Systems. 2010. Christopher M. Weible, Andrew Pattison, and Paul Sabatier. Environmental Science & Policy. 13(6): 522-534.

Condors over Cattle: Managed Wilderness and the Pastoral Tradition in Northern Baja California. With Bryan Rasmussen. Accepted for publication on January 30, 2024, in the Journal of the Southwest.

2016 – Present

Colgate University, Environmental Studies Program 

  • CORE C175: Wilderness
  • ENST 241: Sustainability & Climate Action Planning
  • ENST 250: Environmental Policy Analysis
  • ENST/POSC 335: U.S. Environmental Politics
  • ENST 309 Australian Environmental Issues (Study Group)
  • ENST 389: Conservation Biology & Policy (co-taught)
  • ENST 450: Community-based Study of Environmental Issues (co-taught) 


2012 – 2016

California Lutheran University, Department of Policy Studies (MPPA Program)

  • Implementation & Analysis of Public Policy
  • Sustainable Development Policy
  • Research Methods
  • Climate & Energy Policy
  • Organizational Theory
  • Introduction to Public Administration



University of Colorado Denver, School of Public Affairs (MPA Program)

  • Introduction to Public Administration & Public Service

NY Climate Law is Promising, but Public Needs More Time to Comment. Cannavò, P., A. Lowry, A. Pattison, and A. Strong. 2022. Syracuse Post-Standard. April 21, 2022. 

"Social Equity & Local Climate Action Planning." Andrew Pattison. Presented for The New York State Climate Smart Communities Program & New York Department of Environmental Conservation. October 12, 2017.   

 "The Importance of Sustainable Affordable Housing: A Story from San Buenaventura" (2016). Nicholas Birck and Andrew PattisonJournal of Housing & Community Development. 72(3): 18-23.

"Expand Public-private Partnerships to Increase Affordable Housing" (2016). Andrew Pattison. Pacific Coast Business Times. January 22.

"The Nexus of Climate Change and Affordable Housing" (2015). Nicholas Birck and Andrew Pattison. Ventura County Star. January 5.

"A Review of Green Job Estimations for Colorado" (2009). Andrew Pattison, Abel Chavez, Anu Ramaswami, and Blair Gifford. The Colorado Wal-Mart Green Jobs Council Summit. 

Conducting a Greenhouse Gas Inventory. Andrew Pattison. The Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit. February 2009.

 "Energy Management and Conservation: Municipal Best Practices" (2007). Andrew Pattison. A publication of the Colorado Municipal League and the Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development.

2023 - present, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Colgate University

2017 - 2023, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Colgate University

2016 - 2017, Burke Chair in Regional Studies & Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Colgate University

2015 - 2016, Visiting Assistant Professor of Policy Studies, California Lutheran University 

2013 - 2015, Visiting Instructor of Policy Studies, California Lutheran University 

2011 - 2012, Senior Planner & Project Manager, Sustainability & Climate, Pacific Municipal Consultants

2010 - 2011, Sustainability Officer, Auraria Higher Education Center