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Colgate has been around nearly 200 years, and in that time we've developed an incredible sense of tradition.
No. 13 is considered lucky here at Colgate!

Lucky 13

The university was originally founded as The Baptist Education Society of the State of New York by 13 men who each offered $13 and 13 prayers.

The society's original constitution contained 13 articles. Our address is 13 Oak Drive, and we are located in the zip code 13346 (the first two digits are 13, and the last three digits add up to 13!). There is certainly no triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) here -- in fact we've embraced it as Colgate's lucky number!

So, that is why we've adopted the most notorious 13 – Friday the 13th – as a celebration of Colgate. Every Colgate Day students, faculty, staff, alumni, and families around the world don their Colgate regalia and celebrate the university and its community. And tweet!

The Diploma, Seal, & Motto

In 1846, Professors A.C. Kendrick and J.F. Richardson prepared the Latin formula for the diplomas that has remained the same to today. They, along with Professor John Howard Raymond and three trustees, devised the seal and motto, "Deo Ac Veritati" ("With reference to God and for the purpose of truth" or simply "For God and for Truth"). Oh... and the motto has 13 letters!

First Kiss

Be careful who you kiss on Willow Path. If your first kiss occurs under the willows, legend says the couple will marry.


The first volume of the Salmagundi was published by the Junior Class in 1883. The word means "miscellany" or "medley," and originally the book contained lists of faculty, fraternities, other campus organizations, and their respective members. Salmagundi became the yearbook for the graduating class in 1934.

Colgate Songs

Take a listen to some of our most popular songs from throughout the years.