A guide for connecting to the Colgate GlobalProtect VPN on an iOS device.


Access to certain resources on Colgate’s network requires being connected to that network, even when in remote (off­-campus) locations. This is done by using a VPN, which will connect a machine to Colgate’s network regardless of physical location.


  • iOS device
  • A valid Colgate username and password
  • Cellular or Wifi network access


Step 1

In the Apple App Store, search for “GlobalProtect”.  It should look like the following, and is published by “Palo Alto Networks”

GlobalProtect in the Apple App Store

Step 2

You will be prompted to allow globalProtect to send notifications. You can click allow or disallow, this does not matter.

Screenshot of inquiry about app sending notifications

Step 3

Enter the portal address remoteaccess.colgate.edu when prompted.

Screenshot of the question What's your portal address?

Step 4

You will be asked to allow GlobalProtect to add a new VPN Connection. Click Allow.

Screenshot of notification regarding VPN configurations

Step 5

Enter your Colgate username and password, then click Sign in.

Screenshot of sign in screen

Step 6

The following icon means you successfully connected. A small “VPN” icon appears in the top left, near the wifi signal meter.

Screenshot of connected icon


Tap to disconnect. The VPN icon on the top left disappears and the screen is grey.

Screenshot of disconnected icon

Ask for Help

If you are unable to find the information you need in the documentation available online, the ITS Service Desk is available to assist.