RideAssist Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

RideAssist is a non-emergency transportation service for students with qualifying temporary or chronic medical conditions.


The service is restricted to the Colgate campus and is provided to assist authorized users getting to academic activities, medical appointments, rehabilitation sessions, and athletic commitments. The service is not intended to be an individual’s primary means of transportation and it does not transport students to social or recreational activities. Free shuttle service around campus and Hamilton is available to all students via the Colgate Cruiser.

Using RideAssist

RideAssist requires prior approval by one of the following campus providers:

  1. Office of Academic Support and Disability Services - for students with an approved transportation accommodation
  2. Athletic Trainer - for injured varsity student athletes
  3. Student Health Services - for students with a medical condition under the care of Student Health Services or who have provided Student Health Services written documentation from a private physician

Students must complete and sign a RideAssist Request Form and Service Agreement.

Download request form/service agreement

Contact the Campus Safety Dispatch at 315-228-7333 to request RideAssist. Rides cannot be scheduled in advance and must be made on an individual basis at the time of need. While every attempt will be made to meet all ride requests, all RideAssist transportation services are subject to availability, ride demand, and campus emergency situations. Students seeking transportation to scheduled classes are encouraged to allow sufficient pickup and travel time during peak class periods.

Campus Safety uses mini-vans, 12-passenger vans, and patrol vehicles for RideAssist transportation services. Riders should be waiting for the Campus Safety driver in a visible location at the pick-up point agreed upon with Dispatch when making the RideAssist request.

Authorized Riders

RideAssist services require prior authorization and are restricted to students approved for the service unless the authorizing campus provider (Office of Academic Support and Disability Services, Student Health Services, or Athletic Trainers) has approved a companion, due to mobility considerations based on the nature of the temporary or chronic medical condition, to assist the qualifying student. We regret that roommates, housemates, or friends cannot be transported. Violations may result in the loss of the approved service.

Renewing Services

All service extensions must be approved by the Office of Academic Support and Disability Services, Student Health Services, or Athletic Trainers.