Dining Services regularly makes enhancements following feedback from the student dining advisory committee and others. Here’s the latest.

Chobani at the Hieber Café

The University’s newest dining option, Chobani at the Hieber Café, has been well received by many of its visitors, and since its opening in August, 2019, has also made a number of changes to its meal plan options, pricing, and selection in response to student feedback since its launch. 

Unlimited Beverages (Premium Meal Plan) 

For students spending a lot of time in the library, premium meal plan holders can now have a sticker placed on their ’Gate Card that will enable them to return to the café for unlimited drip coffee, tea, espresso, and lattes without counting against the daily four swipes allotment. 

Stickers are available at the dining office in Frank during regular business hours.

Reusable Mug Discounts

Customers paying retail price (non–meal-plan holders) at the café receive a 50 cent discount on drip coffee, tea, lattes, and espresso when they bring their own mug. 

Expanded Food Options

The café now offers a rotating seasonal simit sandwich and yogurt creation, as well as a second seasonal soup, starting with Chobani three-bean chili. Two new baked goods — pound cake and pumpkin scones — have been added to the lineup.

Pre-made sandwiches — which are included in the meal plan — were added to the cooler grab-and-go selections. New sandwiches include turkey and havarti on sourdough, roasted vegetables on ciabatta, chicken salad spinach wrap, and peanut butter and jelly on wheat. 

Grab-and-go fruit cups are available as a side option.

Future offerings in the works include a vegan, dairy-free yogurt option and more snacks and baked goods. 

Sustainability, value, and environment

Dining Services is continuing to take steps to reduce paper and plastic usage in the café and continues to evaluate café pricing and offerings.

We installed soft seating options and table-top charging stations.

Other Dining Location Enhancements

Donovan’s Pub

A third meal swipe option allows for an entrée, half of an appetizer, and a beverage; students cans still use a meal swipe to get an entree, a beverage, and a dessert or two appetizers, a beverage, and a dessert.


New vegetarian options have been added to the pre-made sandwich case and now include allergen-free bread (gluten- and egg-free).

Frank Dining Hall

For health-conscious students, the new “FIT Corner” focuses on cooking methods such as roasting and steaming to offer foods prepared with minimal oils. The menu at this station includes roasted chicken; a whole grain such as farro, quinoa, or amaranth; and steamed vegetables daily. Additionally, we are incorporating more fish, pork, and other proteins into the rotation on our main line to provide more variety. 

Students are welcome to share their thoughts or ideas at diningservices@colgate.edu or Text2Solve (anonymous) at (315) 825-4119.