Academic Support Through the Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research

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Peer tutoring is available free of charge to Colgate students who may need extra support in one or more of their current courses. The Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research (CLTR) maintains a list of Colgate undergraduates who have been nominated by their professors — and have agreed — to serve as tutors. This semester, all tutoring through the CLTR will take place remotely and their staff will help students to navigate that process.

While the CLTR is available to help in some subjects, many departments on campus have their own tutoring or homework help sessions. The CLTR provides tutoring services mainly in introductory courses in biology, chemistry, economics, mathematics, and physics. For help in other subjects or in higher-level courses, students can contact the department directly, refer to the Tutoring Resource Directory, or contact the CLTR.

“Tutoring is a partnership between you, the CLTR, and the professor,” wrote Karyn Belanger,  the center’s associate director in a recent email to students. “The center maintains contact with you and your instructor to ensure that you are receiving the support you need outside the classroom and taking full advantage of the in-class experience — asking questions; attending class, office hours, and homework help sessions; and keeping up with assignments.”

All students may need some extra academic support sometime during their undergraduate career. Experience shows that the earlier they get that assistance, the better. If your student mentions that they are struggling with an aspect of their academics, encourage them to reach out to the CLTR.