EMS Schedulers can book or schedule a venue for you for.  Please see their contact information list, or request a room with the button below.


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Additional Services

You are responsible for contacting the appropriate office(s) with requests for ancillary services:

AV & Event Support

  • 315-228-7111

Campus Safety

  • 315-228-7333

Custodial Services

  • 315-228-7130

Dining Services & Catering

  • 315-228-7915 - Susie Huff, catering office supervisor

Primary Schedulers

Facility Scheduler Email Phone
113 Broad (Shaw) Alisha Price wellness@colgate.edu 6403

Academic Quad

Cassidy Rodman crodman@colgate.edu 7220
ALANA Cultural Center Carly Dougher cdougher@colgate.edu 7330
Alumni Hall Erin Conway econway@colgate.edu 7256
Benton Hall Jessie Darrow jdarrow@colgate.edu 6774
Bookstore Kelly Thomas kthomas@colgate.edu 7481
Brehmer Theater Denise Crandall dcrandall@colgate.edu 7639
Bryan (Hancock Commons) Bridgette Yang byangstaff@colgate.edu 6608
Burke Hall (Brown Commons) Shavell Jones sjones1@colgate.edu 4818
Burke / Pinchin Quad Shavell Jones sjones1@colgate.edu 4818
Case-Geyer Rob Capuano rcapuano@colgate.edu 7301
Colgate Memorial Chapel ( Memorial Chapel; Steps) Lorraine Joseph ljoseph@colgate.edu 7642
Colgate Memorial Chapel ( Garden Level, Judd Chapel)  Alisha Duclos aduclos@colgate.edu 7682
Curtis Hall (Ciccone Commons) Dvorah Southland dsouthlandstaff@colgate.edu 6918
Dana (303) Denise Crandall dcrandall@colgate.edu 7639
Dana (T10) Lorraine Joseph ljoseph@colgate.edu 7642
Drake Hall (Ciccone Commons) Dvorah Southland dsouthlandstaff@colgate.edu 6918
East Hall    (109B) Cathy Sheridan-Lee csheridanlee@colgate.edu 6868
Ho Science Center Diane Janney djanney@colgate.edu 7226
Huntington Gym (Wooster Room) Julie Vair jvair@colgate.edu 7613
Jane Pinchin Hall (Dart-Colegrove Commons) Jailekha Zutshi jzutshistaff@colgate.edu 4088
J.C. Colgate Hall (108; Wayne King Room)  Lorraine Joseph ljoseph@colgate.edu 7642
J.C. Colgate Hall ( Hall of Presidents; Clark Room; Alton Lounge)  Denise Upton dupton@colgate.edu 6844
Lathrop Hall (107) Penny Mintel pmintel@colgate.edu 7224
Lathrop Hall (Room 5 ) Denise Crandall dcrandall@colgate.edu 7639
Lathrop Hall (Floor 2) Kelly Snyder ksnyder@colgate.edu 7807
Lathrop Hall (Floor 3 and 4) Beth MacKinnon bmackinnon@colgate.edu 7276
Lawrence Hall Beth MacKinnon bmackinnon@colgate.edu 7276
Little Hall Lois Wilcox lwilcox@colgate.edu 7633
McGregory Hall Diane Janney djanney@colgate.edu 7226
McGregory Hall 101 and 101A Shelley Wyman mwyman@colgate.edu 7216
McGregory Hall B4 Penny Mintel pmintel@colgate.edu 7224
Merrill House Cassidy Rodman crodman@colgate.edu 7220
O'Connor Campus Center Denise Upton dupton@colgate.edu 6844
Olin Hall Diane Janney djanney@colgate.edu 7226
Parker Apts (Commons) Denise Upton dupton@colgate.edu 6844
Persson Hall Erin  Conway econway@colgate.edu 7256
Residential Quad Denise Upton dupton@colgate.edu 6844
Ryan Studio (101, 205, 221) Lois Wilcox lwilcox@colgate.edu 7633
Ryan Studio ( 209, 210, 211, 212) Denise Crandall dcrandall@colgate.edu 7639
Saperstein Jewish Center Alisha Duclos aduclos@colgate.edu 7682
Wynn Hall Diane Janney djanney@colgate.edu 7226


Backup Schedulers 





113 Broad (Shaw) Vicky Coates wellness@colgate.edu 6402
ALANA Cultural Center Denise Upton dupton@colgate.edu 6844
Alumni Hall Penny Mintel pmintel@colgate.edu 7224
Benton Hall Hellen Eaton heaton@colgate.edu, 7906
Bookstore Tammy Ayers tayers@colgate.edu 7573
Burke / Pinchin Quad Jailekha Zutshi jzutshistaff@colgate.edu 4088
Case-Geyer Rob Capuano or Heidi Eakin rcapuano@colgate.edu heakin@colgate.edu 7301
Colgate Memorial Chapel (Garden level)      
Dana (T10)      
Huntington Gym and Studios Julie Vair jvair@colgate.edu 7613
Huntington Gym (Wooster Room) Michelle Reese mareese@colgate.edu 7570
J.C. Colgate Hall (108; Wayne King Room)      
Whitnall Field Julie Vair jvair@colgate.edu 7613