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Note: Students declaring a topical major are required to submit both the Declaration of Major form and the Topical Major Addendum Form.

Members of the Class of 2022 are required to file a completed, signed Declaration of Major form with the registrar’s office by March 6, 2020.

Members of the Class of 2022 who fail to submit a Declaration of Major form by the deadline will be placed on a major declaration hold and will not be allowed to register for fall 2020 courses. Sophomores who submit declaration forms after the March 6 deadline but before the week of registration will forfeit their assigned registration time and be reassigned a registration time after all other declared sophomores register.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure the department chair/program director has adequate time to review and sign the form before the deadline (typically a full week).

Declaration Process

  1. Run a What-If audit in Degree Works to review the major requirements and see how your current and previous course work applies to those requirements. You may also view the requirements in the current Colgate Catalog.
  2. Consult the many Colgate resources available to you as you choose a new academic adviser:
  3. Meet with the faculty member whom you’ve selected as your new academic adviser in your intended major. Here are some issues you may want to discuss with your new academic adviser when completing the declaration form:
    • Are you considering a second major or a minor?
    • Are you planning to complete requirements in a professional training or certification program?
    • Are you planning to participate in an off-campus study group?
    • What are the requirements for honors or other awards in your department/program?
  4. Review your What-If audit with your new adviser and complete the declaration form (see links above).
  5. Obtain signatures from your new academic adviser and department chair/program director.
  6. Submit the form to the registrar’s office by the appropriate deadline.

Additional Declarations

A student who wishes to declare more than their initial major may choose one of the following options:

  1. Two majors
  2. One major and one minor
  3. One major and two minors

    No other combinations are permitted. No student may declare a minor in the same field as their major. Please also note that students must declare a major before they can declare a minor.

Course Sharing

Occasionally, two majors or minors may have some overlap of course requirements. Sharing guidelines for each option are:

  • Double Major: a course may be used to satisfy requirements in two majors when at least seven of the courses completed in fulfillment of each major are unique.
  • Major and minor: no more than two courses used to satisfy requirements for a major may be used to fulfill minor requirements as well.
  • Major and two minors: a major and two minors will follow the 7-4-4 rule. This means that the major must maintain 7 unique courses and each minor will be required to have 4 unique courses.


Additional majors and/or minors must be declared no later than the full-term course withdrawal deadline in the fall semester of senior year.