Course and Laboratory Websites

Colgate Domains provides faculty the tools to build a website supporting their teaching and scholarly work.

Websites Supporting Teaching and Scholarship

Colgate Domains is a fast means for faculty to build a website to support their teaching or research. Some possible uses of Colgate Domains include:

  • Build a professional online portfolio or curriculum vitae.
  • Create a course site enabling students to publish and share work publicly.
  • Publish blog content related to an academic field.
  • Document and showcase the work of a research lab.
  • Create blogs for students in your course or research lab to reflect and share their learning and to “link their thinking” to sources across the web.

How It Works

Faculty will be provided with a URL ( and a cPanel account that they can use to install and manage web applications in their Domain to support teaching and learning. Some common platforms used by faculty include:

  • WordPress: An open-source content management system for blogging and website creation.
  • Omeka: An open-source platform for creating digital archives and scholarly collections
  • Scalar: An open source platform for publishing long-form digital scholarship that can integrate a variety of digital media
  • Media Wiki: The software that powers Wikipedia and  online databases
  • Additional web applications are also available for managing content, building online communities and storing photos and files.

Request a Site

Request a site


If you are interested in exploring Colgate Domains, please contact our Instructional Designer for Connected Learning:

Instructional Designer - Connected Learning

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