Requirements for Studying Off Campus

The links below are to informational and signature documents required for students to participate on a Colgate Study Group, Approved Program or Extended Study. These can be reviewed and signed by logging on to the Off-Campus Study portal.

Off-Campus Study Study Group Policies 

Off-Campus Study Approved Program Policies

Off-Campus Study Extended Study Policies 

Confidential Medical Report

Be sure to sign your participant agreement on the Off-Campus Study portal. Please forward a copy to your family as it's important for them to understand the details. 

 Study Group Participant Agreement

Approved Program Participant Agreement 

Extended Study Participant Agreement

Self-Guided Healthcare Action Plan

This self-guided questionnaire is designed for you to share with your healthcare provider(s) in preparation to continue treatment for any pre-existing medical and/or psychological conditions, and then create an action plan should symptoms worsen abroad

Self-Guided Healthcare Action Plan

Passport Copies

Be sure you have a hard copy of your passport to take with you as well as an digital version.  

Related Documents

This letter sent to students provides information on the non-refundable deposit, OCS requirements and international insurance.

Student Information Letter

The letter sent to family members provides important information and resources.

Family Information Letter