Asian Studies First Year Courses

Director: J. Crespi

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Asia holds a unique and vital place within the globalizing world of the early 21st century. Home to an extraordinary range of linguistic and ethnic groups, this broad and dynamic region is rich in cultural and environmental diversity. Engaging the many changes taking place in Asian societies today requires a similarly diverse set of intellectual skills. To this end, the Asian Studies Program at Colgate integrates scholarly approaches spanning the humanities and social sciences: from literature, art, and religion to history, politics, economics, and geography. The Asian studies major encourages students to undertake their own interdisciplinary explorations of this region.

In addition to a wide variety of courses on diverse aspects of Asia, the program encourages students to participate in a study abroad program centered in Kunming (China), Kyoto (Japan), Seoul (Korea), extended study opportunities, or approved programs in various areas of Asia. 

Each year, the Asian Studies Program offers a diverse range of courses and an exciting program of films, speakers, artistic performances, and exhibits. These activities usually complement course offerings, but they are normally open to the public as well.

A number of Asian studies courses are open to first-year students. The earlier you start learning about Asia, the better chance you have to spend an unforgettable semester there before you graduate.

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Asian Studies Courses