Art & Art History First Year Courses

Chair: Elizabeth Marlowe

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The Department of Art offers courses of study in the history, theory, and practice of the visual arts for the general liberal arts student as well as majors in either art history or studio art or a minor in Architectural Studies. Such study empowers students to appreciate creativity within our visually saturated world as well as to appreciate the ways in which works of art from the past inform human values and understanding around the globe. Majors in the department have gone on to successful careers both within and outside of the arts, some examples of which may be found at Success after Colgate

Studio Art

Courses in the practice of art provide instruction in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film and video, printmaking, and digital art. These courses are designed to explore creative visual modes of expression and to help the student gain familiarity with contemporary issues in the visual arts. Studio practice is augmented by a lecture series, gallery exhibitions, film and video screenings, and guest artists.

Registration Suggestions

Students interested in pursuing study in studio, architectural studies or art history are encouraged to begin work in the department as soon as possible. Students can begin their study of studio art with a thematically driven 100-level course or a 200-level medium specific course (there is no prerequisite for either). Architectural Studies students can begin with ARCH 105 Introduction to Architecture. In Art History, students are encouraged to enroll in a 100- or 200-level course in the first year. 

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Art Courses