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Vendefy is a “social shopping experience.” Vendefy allows users to easily sell and purchase products within the app while also allowing users to like, share, and follow favorite products and users.

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Our Asks

We are looking for the following support:

  • Marketing help to get users to join the app
  • Legal help to try and patent remerch feature
  • Technical support to help lower our server costs

I can help

Welcome to the Vendefy!

My name is Alexander Gellert and I am currently a junior at Colgate. I am a Political Science major and an Economics minor. I have been in TIA since my Freshman year and have learned a ton over the past three years. 

I started Vendefy with two other friends from my hometown. We were inspired to start Vendefy because of a trend we noticed. Social media is rapidly growing and influencers across various social media platforms are increasing. We wanted to combine the social media experience with an ecommerce platform. Our goal was to create the first truly social marketplace. Furthermore, we wanted to offer people a way to monetize their social media followers. That’s why we came up with Remerch. Remerch is the most unique feature to Vendefy and allows for any user to monetize their social following. On Vendefy you can own nothing and earn money!