The Colgate Entrepreneurs Fund was established to grow the ventures of Colgate student and alumni entrepreneurs who are solving big problems and have demonstrated an ability to execute.

About the Fund

The Entrepreneurs Fund accelerates the ventures of Colgate student/alumni entrepreneurs who are solving big problems and have demonstrated an ability to execute.

Through spendable gifts made to the eFund, action-oriented teams are awarded cash grants to bring their ventures to commercial viability. Each team receives a seed grant; incubator space for the summer in Hamilton; mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs in the Colgate/TIA Network; and additional startup resources from within the Colgate community.

The fund was established in 2013, and maintained with lead gifts from Dan and Linda Rosensweig P'15, '17, Noah Wintroub '98 and Carey Jennings, and Michael '86 and Julie Ellenbogen.

teams to date; 7 cohorts
full-time jobs created and currently filled
of ventures still operating and growing
seed-granted capital awarded, supported by generous gifts
follow-on investment capital raised since participating
hours donate by mentors; 40+ mentors per cohort

As of 7/15/2019

Grant and Application Information


A grant of $10,000 is awarded to each of the winning teams. In addition the grant, the cost of living in Hamilton for the duration of the program is also covered

(May be taxable. Awardees are encouraged to consult a tax professional.)

Additional Benefits

In addition to funding, award recipients receive the following aids and benefits:

  • Office space in Hamilton
  • Maintain all rights to intellectual property
  • Access to one-on-one mentoring from entrepreneurs in the Colgate/TIA network
  • Access to the upstate New York startup ecosystem
  • Access to the greater Colgate alumni network
  • Startup resources key to launching and growing early stage ventures
  • The benefit of being part of a cohort and sharing best practices with fellow founders


    Those receiving awards from the Entrepreneurs Fund have to meet the following requirements:

    • The fund is open to for-profit and non-profit ventures with at least one Colgate member on the founding team.
    • Be in residence in the Village of Hamilton for the duration of the incubator.

    Ventures will be judged by a panel of Colgate alumni entrepreneurs on the following:

    • Quality of idea
    • Size of problem
    • Team
    • Demonstrated ability to execute
    • Stage of development
    • Market viability of venture

    Judges seek more than just an idea; a prototype and some traction is expected.

    Teams by Cohort

    Deco Slides
    Deco Slides is an online retailer and manufacturer of unique slide sandals with swappable straps. 
    Chase Jackson ’13 and Sam Jackson

    Dunne Marketing
    Dunne Marketing provides social media management and social media marketing solutions for businesses to increase brand awareness and drive sales, saving both time and money. 
    Sheila Dunne ’20, Luke Goodwin, and Tyler Jones

    ISO Film
    ISO Film is a creative content house that specializes in full service film and video production. ISO walks the line between art and commerce by bringing a high level of artistry to business projects, which distinguishes our product and makes our customers stand out in the corporate world.
    Brandon Doby ’18 and Lauren Sanderson ’18

    Profillic is an AI-powered knowledge discovery platform for data science R&D that connects scientists with research, industry developments, peer reviews, projects, and more relevant to their work and interests.
    Gaurav Ragtah ’13 and Himanshu Ragtah

    YourYard provides on-demand access to fun lawn and beach games like spike, kadima, and wiffle ball, through a network of phone-activated lockers.  
    Dean Koman ’17, Nathan Weinrauchand Zach Flyer

    BetterMynd is improving the mental health of America’s 21 million college students. BetterMynd gives students access to a network of certified mental health counselors and allows them to engage in teletherapy sessions. 
    Cody Semrau '14

    CampusReel democratizes the college campus visit. We mitigate financial, temporal and logistical restraints that prevent prospective students from visiting campuses through a platform rich with video content from colleges across the country. 
    Rob Carroll '15 and Nick Freud '15

    Gipper is a sports highlight app and service that harnesses a love for athletics to improve engagement and further advancement at high schools and colleges.
    Matthew Glick '19 and Jack Zamore '20

    Loophole makes a rubber ring phone accessory that prevents you from dropping your phone while also improving how you use your phone. 
    Patrick Crowe '18 and Steven Stillwell

    Room2Learn is a social platform and design consultancy that provides custom and affordable design solutions for K-12 schools, designing delightful spaces for learning.
    Grace O'Shea '11 and Jane Zhang

    Alz You Need
    Alz You Need is a connective communication app for families with a loved-one battling Alzheimer's or dementia that allows everyone to stay in the loop using our unique remote reminders
    Leda Rosenthal '18

    Amber's Natural Goods, LLC
    Amber’s Natural Goods is an all-natural peanut and nut butter products start up located in Hamilton, NY. All our products are made fresh in small batches with no high fructose corn syrup, palm oil, or anything weird.
    Amber Codiroli '10

    Flour & Salt Bakery
    Flour & Salt Bakery is a niche bakery in Hamilton, NY
    Britty Buonocore '12 is a mobile apparatus check software for firefighters
    Adam Pratt '18 and Alex Montgomery '11

    Trippie is an interactive mapping service for airports
    Ryan Diew '17 and Samantha Braver 

    Echo App 
    A mobile app that algorithmically ranked public events in a user's local area
    Adam Buys '17 and Zy Mazza

    Fair Harbor Clothing
    Fair Harbor Clothing is a clothing company that makes mens swim shorts out of recycled plastic bottles
    Jake Danehy '16 and Caroline Danehy '19

    Indify is a music data platform that uses an algorithm to predict the next big music stars
    Keshav Garg '15, Connor Lawrence and Matthew Pavia

    Life Vision Academy/CYF USA
    Life Vision Academy is a progressive boarding school, life-saving home, and creative launch pad that is transforming Nepal's marginalized youth into confident leaders
    Amanda Brown '15

    PLT4M (Platform Athletics)
    PLT4M is an online training platform built for high school athletics and physical education
    Alex Relph '09 and Sam Breslin '09

    Reign (Brainstorm Technologies)
    Reign is a company using the latest brain technology to unlock athletes potential
    Alex Drakos ‘16 and Dave Myers ‘14

    Hamilton United Gift Shop (HUGS) 
    An interactive website where users can order and customize gift packages made up of goods from the Hamilton area
    Max Stein '17

    Late Date
    Best place to find the perfect date to your next event
    Katie Rydell '14

    Prettier Please 
    Beauty on demand, bringing the user experience of Uber and personalization of Rent the Runway to beauty services
    Olivia Cranin '17

    Sapling Advisory
    eHarmony for financial advisors and prospective clients
    Josh Lasker '14 and Daniel Swiecki '14

    Vern Clothing
    Handmade fair trade accessories
    Viktor Mak '15 and Matthew Kordonowy

    Chicory (Recipe into Reality)
    Chicory creates distributed digital grocery experiences to reach grocery shoppers online
    Yuni Sameshima '13 and Joey Petracca '13

    Good Nature Brewing
    NY's first Farm Brewery
    Carrie Blackmore ‘08 and Matt Whalen

    Swig (Shindig)
    Swig is smart retail built for mobile messaging
    Harry Raymond '11

    Buy, sell and trade goods and services on college campuses
    Rob Carroll '15 and Gabe Zetter '15

    Cloud-based manufacturing
    Jon Placa and Jimmy Placa '07

    The Real Abroad
    Tripadvisor for college students
    Jack Henley '13


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