R Wynter Schnell ’22 conducts marketing research at UX Bureau

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This summer, R Wynter Schnell ’22 interned at UX Bureau remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. UX Bureau is a user experience and product design consultancy working with finance, pharmaceutical, telecom, retail, and other industries.

Part of his initial work for the UX Bureau was helping to gather and distill research exploring the intersection of user experience design (UX) with marketing as well as product design and management. He helped improve how UX Bureau presents itself as a consultancy for other companies and promote its capabilities for clients. After Schnell's research was developed, he wrote a report of his findings that showed the intersection of marketing and UX. He then developed a marketing and communication plan to distribute those findings.

As the summer progressed, Schnell worked with the design team and added his own insights to current projects. He also helped acquire new leads for the UX Bureau, in addition to working directly with clients.