HAVEN Ambassadors are Colgate students who have an opportunity to serve as connectors between survivors and support services.

We are excited for a new Haven Ambassador cohort in Fall 2021. Haven Ambassadors are trained on how to talk with others about sexual violence and make strong referrals to professional resources. Haven Ambassadors have the opportunity to present on important topics to the Colgate community and they are invited to work on a project that is related to their specific interest area. By completing this form, your name will be added to a list of students who will be contacted at the beginning of the fall semester. Thank you for your interest! Please complete this form

What Do the Ambassadors Do? 

During their time at Colgate, Ambassadors are part of a close knit team of justice and love oriented students with the common goals of: seeking to end sexual violence, and using their individual skills and talents to do so. Ambassadors also serve as strong resources to students, with the goal of connecting them to on and off campus resources.

mission of haven ambassadors

Ambassadors receive training through a five week PE Course entitled "Sexual Assault & Action" that equips them with the skills to understand the root causes of sexual violence, to respond to a peer in crisis, and learn the difference between support and counseling. 

Ambassadors are not peer counselors. Rather, they are students volunteering to help students in crisis and in need of community. They are intimately connected with Haven, the Counseling Center, and other resources designed to support students who have survived trauma.

Ambassador Training to begin early October 2021. 


First-Year Orientation with the Haven Ambassadors

Haven Ambassadors

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Psychology

Email: epitkowsky@colgate.edu 

A Message from Ellie: I'm excited to be working with Haven because I'm very passionate about working with and helping others. I want to create change on Colgate's campus using my skills and passions, and continue to learn more about sexual violence in our community and beyond

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Psychology 

A Message from Emma: I am a proud feminist, and not afraid to show it! My passion is helping others, and I am so glad that I am able to do so through Haven. At the beginning of my first school year, I noticed an insufficient amount of resources for students who experience sexual assault and violence. I was determined to make a change: I decided to propose an idea to Tracia that there should be peer resources for student victims so that there was no barrier of authority in place. After long hours and hard work, Tracia, Jailekha Zutshi and I were able to get this program up and running. I am so excited to see it in action! Aside from actively helping others and doing my school work, you can catch me with a smile on my face when I am spending time outside, staying active, spending time with my family and friends, and a good book! I cannot wait to see what Colgate, and Haven, have in store for me over the next 2 years!

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Peace & Conflict Studies

A Message from Greta: My mission is to provide relief for victims of sexual assault and violence by sharing mindful practices, including intentional thinking, stress relieving activities, and more that will alleviate lingering trauma in victims. 

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Biology, Pre-Med

A Message from Joanna: I look forward to connecting with my peers and listening to their stories.

Joanna helped lead the first Survivor Mural Project - a collaborative effort to institutionalize the efforts of the Colgate Forward's protest that lead to Haven's opening through art shared across campus. 


Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Women’s Studies & Biology

A Message from Mackenzie: As Colgate students, we are very lucky to have Haven to help us deal with the issue of sexual assault on campus. It is an issue that every college campus faces, but not every college is making strong efforts to deal with the issue. I am incredibly proud to attend a college that takes this issue so seriously and even more proud that I now get to actively participate in addressing it as an ambassador! 

Mackenzie helped lead the first Survivor Mural Project - a collaborative effort to institutionalize the efforts of the Colgate Forward's protest that lead to Haven's opening through art shared across campus. She also serves as Haven's Spring 2020 intern. 

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Computer Science

A Message from Minh Khue: While the trauma of sexual violence is not something an outsider, i.e. not a survivor, can easily claim to comprehend, I believe that no one who underwent such scarring experiences deserves to deal with their physical and emotional damages on their own. Though the paralyzing fear that victims have to overcome to confide in a stranger about their situation is undeniable, simple acts of compassion from the confidant, such as lending a listening ear to the victims and showing a genuine desire to understand their stories, go a long way. Believing in building a safe, supportive space in which survivors of sexual violence can heal, grow, and inspire others with their strength and grace, I hope to become someone who can accompany and guide survivors in their arduous journey towards recovery. There is still a lot for me to learn to reach that point where tangible differences can be made to our community at Colgate, but, given our endless capacity as human beings to empathize and love, I am sincerely hopeful about the impact that Haven Ambassador Program will have in the future.

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Biology, Pre-Med

A Message from Spencer: There is an overwhelming amount of information out from various perspectives on the “right” healing strategies for survivors of sexual assault. Everyone’s story is different and each road to moving on and growing stronger employ various techniques and strategies. I think that the earth has natural elements that are very valuable and helpful to managing the healing process and the anxiety that comes with it. Crystals and essential oils in particular have helped me calm anxieties after emotional distress and I believe that so many people can also benefit. For my project I hope to create a blog or mini booklet that includes various crystals and oils healing powers to provide survivors with an alternative approach to handling emotional distress and ease anxiety or tension.