Professor Susan Thomson discusses Rwanda on Academic Minute

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April marked the 20 anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda. Colgate Professor Susan Thomson, author of Whispering Truth to Power: Everyday Resistance to Reconciliation in Postgenocide Rwanda, recorded a segment on the Academic Minute to commemorate the 20th anniversary.

Listen to the segment here.

Thomson, an assistant professor of peace and conflict studies, also hosted a roundtable on post-genocide Rwanda at Colgate earlier in April. The event examined Rwanda’s social, political and economic successes and challenges since the 1994 genocide.

The panel included Colgate President Jeffrey Herbst, Thomson, David Himbara, Joseph Sebarenzi and Noel Twagiramungu. The latter three are all Rwandans, now exiled from the country, and they brought an insider perspective to the roundtable.

The lively conversation has already been viewed more than 3,000 times.