Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. to Deliver MLK Celebration Keynote

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Colgate University’s annual celebration honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will take place Jan. 24–29 and will feature a keynote address by diversity, equity, and inclusion leader and educator Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. 

Dr. Moore has pursued and achieved success in academia, business, diversity, leadership, and community service. He holds a PhD in education policy and leadership from the University of Iowa and founded the America and MOORE, LLC in 1996 to provide comprehensive diversity, privilege, leadership, and #BecomingAntiRacist trainings/workshops. He is also the co-founder of the online journal Understanding and Dismantling Privilege and founder of The Privilege Institute. 
Under his direction and inclusive relationship model, the institute’s White Privilege Conference has become one of the top national and international conferences for participants who want to move beyond dialogue and into action around issues of diversity, power, privilege, and leadership.

Colgate’s MLK Celebration is a proud Colgate tradition, organized by the ALANA Cultural Center and the Office of the Dean of the College. Other highlights will include a dinner and dialogue with Diane Ciccone ’74, P’10 and Kali McMillan ’10, a day of service, a social justice summit featuring student leaders from the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium, and a Unity Dance Party in the Hall of Presidents. Learn more at colgate.edu/mlkcelebration.