Colgate Receives Generous Support in Bicentennial Year

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Colgate will begin its third century in a position of strength, thanks to the generosity of its worldwide community of alumni, parents, and friends.

During the Bicentennial 2019 fiscal year, 13,456 alumni made gifts to the University — the third highest rate of giving in Colgate history, continuing a trend that has seen alumni participation rise 12 percent in the last decade. Meanwhile, 37 percent of parents gave to Colgate.

These gifts and new commitments combined to produce the highest fundraising total in the last decade: $81.58 million. More than 90 percent was contributed by more than 4,000 Presidents’ Club members.

As unrestricted giving to institutions across the country is in decline, gifts to the Colgate Fund set an all-time record of $8.1 million, a 35-percent increase since Fiscal Year 2015.

On behalf of the campus community, I offer my profound gratitude to all those who supported Colgate during its Bicentennial Fiscal Year.

President Brian W. Casey

Dollars raised for financial aid endowment continued a multi-year growth trend, totaling $7.8 million – a $300,000 increase since last year. A fundamental element of the University’s Third-Century Plan, financial aid will continue to be a top priority in years to come, as Colgate launches the No-Loan Initiative, starting in fall 2020. This initiative eliminates federal loans for students from families with an annual income less than $125,000 per year.

“On behalf of the campus community, I offer my profound gratitude to all those who supported Colgate during its Bicentennial Fiscal Year,” President Brian W. Casey said. “These generous gifts will help make it possible for us to implement the Third-Century Plan’s first initiatives — programs like the No-Loan Initiative — and take immediate steps to secure Colgate’s place as a leading American institution.”

Parents and family members of current Colgate students gave $4.1 million — a $222,000 increase over last year. More than $2 million of this total was contributed by parents of the Class of 2019 as part of Celebrate the Experience P’19, a tradition through which parents of seniors make a capstone gift to the University in honor of their students’ four years on the hill. More than $649,000 was raised in just 1,819 minutes during a one-day challenge. These efforts were led by the generosity and commitment of the Parent Steering Committee.

A noteworthy 90 percent of the Class of 2019 made gifts to Colgate during this fiscal year, an 8-percent increase over last year’s senior class. Because the class reached their fundraising goal, the Class of 2019 Bicentennial Courtyard, located between the O’Connor Campus Center and Burke Hall, will be named in their honor.

Colgate received 243 planned gifts this year, totaling $20.7 million — a 69-percent increase over last year. Fiscal Year 2019 also saw the second-highest athletics fundraising total for varsity athletic sports on record at Colgate. More than $2.4 million was raised for various athletics programs, up five percent over last year.