The Class of 2027 Arrives

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On Sunday, Aug. 20, Colgate welcomed the Class of 2027, one of the most academically accomplished cohorts in Colgate history with a 12% acceptance rate and 3.97 average GPA. 

For Mary Claire Duffy ’27 of Chicago, Ill., arrival day is her second time on campus — she first experienced Colgate on a student-led tour, and hasn’t looked back since. 

“My tour of Colgate was so beautiful,” says Duffy. “I fell in love with the campus. My tour guide and everyone I met was so nice — I couldn’t believe it. I knew I would fit right in.”

In high school, Duffy served her community as the president of a tutoring club, and later expanded this work to a local foster home. At Colgate, she’d like to volunteer with the COVE, a collective that embodies her community values.

“There are always kids that need help,” says Duffy. “And when I saw that Colgate collaborates with local schools to offer tutoring programs, I thought, ‘I would love to do that!’”

Across the quad, Tyler Couture ’27 of Montgomery County, N.Y., arrives as an Alumni Memorial Scholar who was selected at the time of admission for his academic performance in high school. In his free time, Couture researches military and U.S. history, and has a passion for theater. 

“I love being on the stage, public speaking, and acting,” says Couture, whose fall coursework includes the courses Global Change and You as well as Musicianship and Songwriting.

Couture, who plans to major in political science and later attend law school, has aspirations to become a politician. One of his first stops this semester will be Benton Hall, where he intends to connect with Colgate’s alumni network.

“People recognize the Colgate ‘C’ all over the world,” says Couture. “On campus, I’m most excited to forge new connections.”

Jatziry Macedo ’27 of Rogers, Ark., has a passion for fashion — and she’s looking for an education in economics and entrepreneurship. Macedo arrives with the Office of Undergraduate Scholars (OUS), and seeks community both among this collective and Colgate’s Interfaith Community. 

“I am defined as a person by the conflicts I’ve faced throughout my life, which have led me to value inclusivity,” says Macedo. “I want to affirm this part of me by connecting with other OUS scholars and the Interfaith Community.”

Whether they’re here to build their network, engage in the arts, volunteer their time, explore possibilities, or all of the above, the Class of 2027 has arrived — and they’re ready to discover their futures.

“At Colgate, I want to meet everyone I can,” says Duffy. “And further than that, I want to be a part of this community for my entire life.”