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Rick Klotz

Assistant Professor of Economics
Economics , 232 Persson Hall
p 315-228-6274
 My research interests lie in environmental economics with a particular focus on climate, energy and environmental policies. My current projects integrate models from economics and environmental science to evaluate sector-level climate policies.


BA Hobart and William Smith Colleges 2005; MS, PhD Cornell University 2010, 2016


Bento, Antonio M., Richard Klotz and Joel R. Landry. 2015. Are there Carbon Savings from US Biofuel Policies? The Critical Importance of Accounting for Leakage in Land and Fuel Markets. Energy Journal 36 (3).

Bento, Antonio M. and Richard Klotz. 2014. Climate Policy Decisions Require Policy-Based Lifecycle Analysis. 
Environmental Science and Technology 48 (10).

Working Papers

Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Sectors Exempt from Climate Policy. January 2015.

Works in Progress

Klotz, Richard, Antonio M. Bento, Ram Gurung, Stephen Ogle, Keith Paustian and John Sheehan. 2015. Evaluating Policy Options for Reducing N2O Emissions from US Agriculture.

Klotz, Richard, Joel R. Landry and Antonio M. Bento. 2014. Key Insights Required for Using Lifecycle Analysis for Policy Decisions.