The mission of the Staff Affairs Council (SAC) is to facilitate collaboration and communication between University leadership, faculty, and staff. The SAC recognizes the diversity of identities and roles held by staff across campus. It has the responsibility of advising the president and the cabinet on staff concerns, questions, and ideas and is responsible to report outcomes of these meetings back to the staff at large. The SAC is a resource to the president and University administrators to offer staff feedback on university affairs upon request. The council will work to identify inequities within the staff experience and elevate them to the appropriate department/division for resolution, and will intentionally consider how the work of the SAC impacts all staff across campus.


The objectives of the Staff Affairs Council are to:

  • Increase the sense of belonging, recognition, and value of staff members in their relationship to the University.
  • Identify staff concerns and propose recommendations.
  • Promote the development of inclusive policies aimed at retaining current staff members and attracting talented new staff members.
  • Integrate staff members more fully into University affairs while fostering a culture of mutual support, respect, and professionalism.


The Staff Affairs Council is an elected body composed of officers, division representatives, affinity representatives, non-voting liaisons, and at-large members. The council seeks representation across positional authority and employment category (exempt and non-exempt; part-time and full-time; supervisory and non-supervisory), and social identity. Elections are held in June. 

In addition to the mandates laid out in the draft charter and bylaws, the Staff Affairs Council will work closely with human resources and the cabinet. 

2022–23 Staff Affairs Council Officers 

  • Robin Bridson, Professional Development and Training Coordinator; SAC Secretary and Representative for New Employees
  • Jasmine Kellogg, Assistant Director for Internal Communications; SAC Vice Chair for Communications and Representative for University Communications
  • Ahmad Khazaee, Director of Engagement and Support; SAC Vice Chair for Membership and Representation and At-Large Representative
  • Catherine Marhenke, Director of Annual Giving; SAC Vice Chair for Governance and Representative for Advancement
  • Christine Moskell, Instructional Designer; SAC Exempt Co-Chair and At-Large Representative
  • Lora Valentine, Accounting Assistant; SAC Treasurer and At-Large Representative
  • Keith Watkins, Employer Relations Assistant; SAC Non-Exempt Co-Chair and Representative for Part-Time Employees

Contact Us

You may email any SAC representative directly with concerns, questions, or feedback. You may also send an email to staffaffairscouncil@colgate.edu. The SAC officers have access to this account and check it several times per week. If you wish to submit your concern anonymously you may do so here. Please note that you will be prompted to enter your Colgate credentials but your email address will not be recorded. 

Staff Affairs Council Mailing Lists

If you would like to receive updates from the SAC affinity group representatives, please sign up below. You are not limited to one affinity group.

Please note that your contact information will not be shared with anyone except the SAC representative affiliated with the affinity group(s) you sign up for.