Students at Colgate University accept membership in an academic residential community dedicated to the pursuit of intellectual and personal growth. As a liberal arts college, Colgate seeks to provide opportunities for students, both in and outside the classroom, to develop critical thinking, integrity, judgment, a common experience of learning, and appreciation of cultural and ethnic diversity, as well as the social and ethical values necessary for community life.

Colgate expects students to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the University’s commitment to educating all of its students. The integrity of the Colgate community depends upon each member’s acceptance of individual responsibility and respect for the rights of other students and with each member of the faculty and staff. 

Colgate expects that its students will not lie, steal, cheat, or engage in dishonest or unlawful behavior, including behavior that damages University property, the personal property of another individual, public property, or any other behavior that inflicts physical or emotional harm on oneself, another person, or the community. In addition, students will not engage in behaviors that impede other students’ opportunity to learn, or a faculty member’s ability to teach, or that interferes with the academic objectives of the University. Colgate students must abide by all University policies and procedures and comply with directions of University officials acting in performance of their duties.

University policies and procedures include, but are not limited to

The information contained in this publication applies to the academic years 2023–2024, but this handbook is not to be regarded as a contract between the student and the University. The University reserves the right to change requirements, policies, rules, and regulations without prior notice in accordance with established procedures.

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