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Consultant Profiles

Hannah Chenok '19
Hey! I am a peace and conflict studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic studies double major from Bethesda, MD. I have particular experience writing research essays, policy memos, public speeches, and grants. When I'm not at the Writing and Speaking Center, you'll probably find me singing, hiking, eating, or sleeping. My favorite part about working here is learning from the people I meet and the papers I read.
Lydia Culp ’20
Hiya! I'm an English major and Russian minor from Williamsport, PA--which is equally far away from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. I am here to lend a patient ear, bring out your strengths and creativity as a writer, and break down your latest stressful essay into manageable steps. I enjoy ballet, comedy improv, being employed, and getting caught in the rain (although I've never had a pina colada). I look forward to learning with you!
Sarah Gans ’20
Hi! I'm an applied mathematics major and possible sociology minor. I’m originally from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but currently live in Connecticut. In addition to working at the Writing Center, I love running, hiking, reading, tutoring students, and spending time with my dog. While I might be a math major, I have taken a wide range of classes while at Colgate and thus written on many different topics. I would love to help you organize your thoughts, ideas, and writing at any stage in your writing process. I can’t wait to meet you!
Erin Hoffman ’19
Hi there! I am a senior majoring in English with an emphasis on creative writing. Though I specialize in creative writing and literary analysis, I am happy to help with writing from a variety of disciplines. I can help with any aspect of the writing process, from formulating arguments to developing cohesion. In addition to working at the Writing Center, I am also an editor for the Colgate Portfolio. I can’t wait to meet you!
Ali Jordahl ’20
Hi! I’m from outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and I'm majoring in computer science and minoring in economics! Besides writing and reading, I’m also a member of a dance group, a tour guide, and board member for Colgate Hillel. My editing skills stem from helping my younger sister and friends with their various essays, so I’ve worked with all sorts of different writers before! My writing and editing experience ranges from scientific research papers to analytical essays, so I’m happy to help with any type of writing, at any stage!
Maggie McDonnell ’19
I am a psychology and political science double major (from Carmel, NY), but I have taken classes in a wide variety of disciplines. Outside of the writing center, I am involved in the COVE, Irish Step Dancing, and various other groups on campus. I love reading novel papers and working with new people, which is why I love to work at the Writing Center. While formulating arguments and organizing papers are some of my favorite aspects of writing, I am more than happy to help with any type of writing, in any discipline, at any stage of the writing process!
Kassi Mettler ’19
I am from Walnut Creek, CA, and am majoring in international relations. I have the most experience working with argumentative and research papers, but I am more than willing to look at papers from a variety of different subjects and am excited to learn new topics through all the different prompts brought in. I would love to help out with editing or brainstorming at any stage of the writing process and I look forward to seeing you at the center!
Madeleine Simon ’20
I am an intended art history and political science double major from Los Angeles, California. In addition to working as a writing consultant, I am staff writer for Colgate’s chapter of Spoon University. I am more than happy to help with all stages of the writing process - from brainstorming responses to a challenging prompt, to doing the last minute check on a final draft. The majority of my writing experience is in the humanities and social sciences, but I will also gladly help with assignments outside of my general field of study.
Emmy Watkins ’19
I'm a sophomore and a prospective double major in environmental studies and English with an emphasis on literature. My writing experience is mostly analytic and argumentative, but I also have some experience with creative writing and research papers in the social sciences. I'm happy to help writers of all kinds in whatever stage of the writing process they find themselves!
Victoria Basulto ’21
Hello! I am a current double major in English and history but have dabbled in other fields as well. I live in Houston, TX and aspire to become an environmental lawyer in the near future. My interests involve environmental justice, writing, traveling, and animals (petting them mostly). I love to learn, so I don’t mind helping out with papers in fields that I might not be so acquainted with. My speciality is helping with organization, argumentation and the flow of thought across your paper. As always, I am more than happy to help anyone in their journey to becoming a better writer.
Claire Bergerson ’21
Hey! I’m a sophomore from New York City and am currently very undeclared. I’m interested in English, philosophy, and political science but love to read papers about topics I’m not as familiar with. Outside of the writing center, I play club soccer, tennis, and softball (not competitively) and love to hike. Brainstorming is one of my favorite parts of the writing process but I’m happy to help at any stage!
Rupika Chakraverti ’20
I am a computer science major from Kolkata, India minoring in economics and theater. I taught public speaking courses before coming to Colgate, and love anything to do with oratory skills, irrespective of whether it’s an academic assignment or not!
Devin Ferri ’21
Hey! I’m a molecular biology and peace and conflict studies double major from Boise, Idaho. I love working with argumentative essays, as well as brainstorming and outlining papers. However, I’m more than happy to work through any writing assignment. Outside of the writing center I love hiking, horseback riding, running, and jamming out to my music. I hope to meet you soon!
Fiona Grove ’21
I’m an international relations and East Asian studies double major from Durham, NH. Besides working as a peer consultant at the writing center, I’m involved in The Network and mentoring girls at a local middle school. Growing up I always aspired to become a famous author, and although this is no longer the case, I still love creative writing. Most of my experience is in writing humanities and social sciences papers, but I’m certainly happy to review work from any academic discipline. I look forward to working with you!
Gloria Han ‘20
Hello! I’m an English major (creative writing emphasis) and film studies minor, so I have experience in both creative and analytical writing for texts and media. In addition to my major/minor, I’ve also taken courses in psychology, educational studies, and core classes like Legacies, so I can definitely provide feedback on papers in those disciplines as well! I’m from the suburbs of Boston, I write movie reviews for the Maroon News, and I’m involved with Christian life on campus. I would love to meet you in person and work with you for whatever your writing needs may be!
Audrey Aspegren ’19
Hi! I am a philosophy and Chinese double major from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Though I love philosophy and Chinese, I’ve taken classes across the board at Colgate, especially in other social sciences (mostly political science). I enjoy reading all types of writing, so I’m always game to help with any assignment at any stage.
Renee Congdon ’20
Hello! I’m a Spanish major from Seal Beach, CA. I love literature and poetry of all sorts, and as such I have the most experience with creative, argumentative, and analytical essays. That being said, I am willing and excited to help with writing in any discipline. While at Colgate, I’ve really enjoyed taking classes on religion, psychology, and languages, as well as rock climbing and tutoring for the SAT. I look forward to meeting you!
Amelia Fogg ’19
I am senior psychology major and a film and media studies minor. I love to write and I look forward to sharing my passion with you. I would be more than happy to help you with any writing assignment. Regardless of where you are in the writing process, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with me!
Rachel Keirstead ’19
I'm a double major in English and political science from Reading, PA. Although I have the most experience in the humanities and social sciences, I am more than happy to help with papers in any discipline. I love helping students navigate the entire writing process, so feel free to come to me at any stage. I can't wait to meet you!
Jacqueline Li '19
I am a sophomore from Vancouver, Canada and plan on majoring in biology or another science. Even though I am an intended science major, I love to explore new subjects by taking a diverse range of courses and simply by working here at the Writing Center. That being said, I would be happy to help you with any type of writing assignment and at any stage of your writing process. I hope to meet you soon!
Elinor Schneider ’19
I am a history major and an English minor from Connecticut. I have the most experience with the humanities and social sciences, and thus analytical and argumentative papers, but I would love to help you with any assignment at any point in the writing process! In addition to the working at the Writing Center, I co-lead MAD Tutoring and have also worked one-on-one with students to prepare them for the SAT. I look forward to meeting with you!
Brianna Torres ’19
Hi! I’m an undeclared science major from Southern California. I’m happy to work with you at any stage of the writing process and help you find unique ways to express your ideas through your writing. I think it’s important to think of our academic writing as a way we communicate all of the interesting things that we learn in our classes. Through the ideas in our papers, we engage with the material we learn and are able to take part in the academic conversations of many disciplines. I’m very excited to work with you and learn about the things you are most interested in and help you become a part of the disciplines you are most excited about--helping you put your “voice” into those conversations. I think we all have something valuable to say and I think it’s important that you have your ideas heard.
Annie Zhanling Wang ’19
I’m a history major and writing & rhetoric minor from Chengdu, China. Besides writing and reading, I also love the sky, sunshine, flowers, and coffee. As a peer writing consultant, I am interested in not only the writing itself but also the writer and the system of knowledge behind the words. I have learned so much from working with my clients, and I look forward to learning more!
Olivia Haskell ’19
Hi! I am a senior double majoring in religion and international relations. I am one of those weird people who genuinely enjoys public speaking and I want to help other people enjoy (or at least not dread) it, too! I like helping people gain confidence in their speaking abilities, whether for a formal presentation or for a casual in-class discussion. In high school I was the captain of our speech and debate team, on which I competed mostly in impromptu speaking.
Madison Jozefiak ’20
Hello, I’m an English/creative writing major and French minor from Boston, MA. I came to Colgate thinking I would study neuroscience, and I’ve taken classes in neuro, psych, econ, and comp sci. Whatever kind of paper you’re writing, I’ll be happy to read it. I focus a lot on strengthening a paper in terms of clarity and support of its main ideas, but I’ll help you with flow and readability too; or whatever else you might be concerned about. I love learning about basically anything. Outside of writing, I love to bike, hike, dance, eat, and discover new music. Hope to see you soon at the Writing Center!
Emma Trinh ’21
Hello! I am a mathematical economics minor and German minor from Hanoi, Vietnam. I love writing and reading, listening to music and watching old films. I also enjoy traveling and taking photos of scenery. Having taken classes in various fields, I am mostly comfortable with all kinds of writing assignments. As a consultant, helping students with their writing is also a learning experience for myself and I greatly appreciate this opportunity. I would love to help my peers and learn as much as possible!
Isabel Van Wie ’20
Hi! I’m a biology and creative writing double major, so I’ve taken a pretty large variety of classes so far. I’m from a little town on Long Island called Oyster Bay, which is more popularly known for being the home of Billy Joel and Sagamore Hill (our only two claims to fame). I am on the varsity women’s lacrosse team here, and I also write for the Maroon News. I love that I have the opportunity to help people from so many different disciplines during their writing processes now that I’m working at the Writing and Speaking Center. If you plan on stopping by for an appointment, be sure to look me up on the schedule, I’m happy to help!
Simon Weisberg ‘21
Hi! I’m a physics major (and potential Chinese minor) from Los Angeles, California. In addition to working at the Writing Center, I am involved in Colgate’s club water polo team as well as teaching Chinese to second and third graders at Hamilton Central. I enjoy working with students and I love writing, so I would be happy to see you at any stage of your writing process. Please come to me with any kind of paper as I am always eager to learn about new topics. I hope to see you soon!
Karen Zhang ’21
Hi! I’m a history major and potential philosophy major/minor from Hangzhou, China. In addition to working at the writing center, I am also involved in the Maroon News and History Club. I have the most experience with humanities and social sciences, but I am more than willing to help with papers from any discipline. I’d love to explore new subjects by reading your papers, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment with me!