Verification Process

Every year, the Department of Education selects a number of students' FAFSA applications for a process known as verification. If a student is selected for verification, the student will receive an email notification, and the required documents that must be submitted to complete verification will be listed on the student's Colgate portal under their financial aid requirements. Once verification is completed, if there are any changes to a student's financial aid eligibility, they will receive a revised award notice via email. 

Financial aid will not display as an anticipated credit on the student's account, nor will it be credited to the student's bill at the usual time of disbursement (at the end of the Drop/Add Period), if the student does not complete the federal verification requirements. Late submission of required documents will result in late disbursement of financial aid. Failure to submit documents could result in a student's ineligibility for financial aid.

For instructions on gathering documents that may be required to complete federal verification, please visit Forms & Resources