Students Who Placed on IFSA-Butler’s Academic Achievement List

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Colgate University’s Office of Off-Campus Study congratulates the following students who achieved a 3.5 or higher GPA while on an IFSA-Butler Approved Program, placing them on IFA-Butler’s Academic Achievement List:

  • William Stewart – Queen Mary, University of London
  • Marcell Sandor – University of Sydney
  • Kristen Cusumano – University of Sydney
  • Xintong Liue – Cambridge, Pembroke College
  • Leda Rosenthal – James Cook University
  • Nicholas Adamopoulos – King’s College London
  • Nolan Smyth – King’s College London
  • Hoang Nam Nguyen – University College London
  • Madelyn Haller – University College London
  • Alana Resnick – University of Edinburgh
  • Franklin van Nes – Victoria University of Wellington